Best Beach Chairs for Big Guys 2020: Top Products Reviewed & Listed

Best Beach Chairs for Big Guys: Ergonomic beach chairs for holding big and bulky people are difficult to find. If you have a plus-size build, you’ll naturally be afraid of slumping from a collapsing chair, especially when outdoors. 

It is due to the rarity of spacious, strong, and sturdy chairs that huge and heavyweight beach lovers often refrain from visiting the beach. An oversize person requires a beach chair that is capable of sustaining his/her heavyweight. It must also feature the suitable design and dimensions for accommodating the person comfortably.

A plus-size chair that supports your weight and height can bring a delightful change in your beach lounging experiences. Alongside a beach bag and beach towel, a comfortable beach chair makes your ideal beach gear trio. Moreover, the best beach chairs for big guys that can accommodate you perfectly ensures that you don’t feel or look clumsy on it.

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We have put in exhaustive efforts to finally curate the 10 best beach chairs for big guys. Of these, our winner product is OT QOMOTOP Adjustable Folding Chair. The advanced features, user-friendly functionalities and exclusive quality construction distinguish it as one of the best beach chairs for heavy person available in the market.

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Oversized Recliner

Best Beach Chair for Big Guys

  • Material: 600D polyester fabric/Aluminum Frame
  • Frame: Steel
  • Capacity: 600 lbs
Budget Friendly
Tommy Bahama Big Boy Backpack Chair

Backpacking Beach Chair for Big Guys

  • Material: polyester fabric
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
OT QOMOTOP Adjustable Folding Lounge Chair

folding beach chair for big guys

  • Material: Textile
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Capacity: 350lbs

Best Beach Chairs for Big Guys 2020 Listed & Reviewed

The table above helps you form an overall idea about the basic features of lounge chairs. Next, we walk you through our selection of the 10 best beach chairs for big guys. After testing a score of beach loungers, we have settled on the exclusive 10 which will efficiently comfort plus size people. 

While making our selection, we have kept quality, durability, ergonomic design and reasonable pricing in our priority checklist. Here we have discussed each product at length to prepare a comprehensive guidance for your shopping


  • Wider dimensions from average sized chairs
  • Keeps you well above the ground level
  • A large, adjustable pillow is an add-on
  • Comes with a cup holder
  • Weight holding capacity is 300 pounds
  • Aluminum frame contains rust-proof properties
  • Adjustable into 4 different reclining positions
  • Remarkably lightweight: 11 pounds

Lightweight chair for heavyweight users: The RIO folding beach chair is extremely light in weight while featuring ideal dimensions to accommodate oversized people. If you are huge, hefty or tall, you will find this beach chair easy to carry wherever you go. The average weight holding capacity of beach chairs are around 200-250 pounds. 

This RIO recliner is capable of sustaining a greater weight of up to 300 pounds. Its extra wide armrests allow maximum relaxation to your forearms and elbows. Moreover, as you sit, the chair doesn’t sink too low, keeping you at a considerable height above the ground. So, you do not feel clumsy while getting up.

beach chair fr big guys
Rio Beach Big Boy Folding High Seat Backpack Beach Chair

Utilitarian accessories add to your lounging convenience: Besides being lightweight, comforting and strong, the RIO beach chair features some amazing appendages to make your beach times greater. You get a large sized pillow that is adjustable according to your cushioning requirement. There is a storage pouch to keep your essentials always handy. The chair also comes with a cup holder, so that you can sip your favorite beverage any time.

Aluminum frame ensures no rusting: Since aluminum is the material that goes into the construction of the frame, its properties prevent the formation of rust. Being naturally resistant to rust, it ensures an extended tenure of use and easy maintenance.



Verdict: Lightweight and comfortable with a number of utilitarian features, this RIO backpack chair makes a great companion on your outdoor days.


  • Low gravity recliner
  • Solid, cushioned armrests
  • Maintains at least 4 inches distance between the seat and ground
  • Compact size and foldable
  • Built-in lumbar pad
  • Attached cup holder
  • Heavy duty polyester fabric preventing wear and tear
  • Lightweight and portable

Feel no back pain lying on this low gravity recliner: Back pain is a very common disorder, especially in people who are relatively heavier. If you want to release your muscle tension and lie or sit for a longer span, this low gravity recliner is your pick. It features an ultramodern design with an additional lumbar support.

The supportive lumbar pad helps in comfortably aligning your body postures. It allows thorough relaxation to your spine and lets your back muscles ease tension. The ergonomic seat is perfect for adjusting and improving your postures. You can align your hips and back on this spacious seat to secure maximum comfort.

STRONGBACK Low Gravity Heavy Duty Beach Chair

Backpack style carry-bag enables hands-free and hassle-free carrying: A perfect gear for beach outings and other outdoor events, this heavy duty beach chair is foldable to a compact size. It comes with a carry bag featuring convenient shoulder straps for a greater portability.



Verdict: Small, smart and sturdy, this STRONGBACK beach chair offers the ultimate relaxation to your body. The foldable and portable nature of the chair makes it a suitable gear for carrying outdoors.


  • Comfy chair adjustable to 4 different reclining positions
  • Places you around 13 inches above the ground
  • Additional accessories for more convenience: pillow, beverage holder, cushioned arms and carry pouch
  • Wide and roomy seat
  • Strong chair having a weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Backpack chair designed for optimum ease of carrying with padded and adjustable shoulder straps

Roomy seat, settles you at a good height: Enjoy sitting and relaxing on this plus size beach chair that settles you comfortably. Its strong seat is wider than that of an average sized chair. Hence, the roomy seat provides ample space for shifting and settling into your comfort postures.

When you sit on the chair, the seat stretches down maintaining a hiatus of 13 inches between itself and the ground. Usually, a standard chair keeps you at an 8 inch height from the surface level. So, this recliner increases your ease and safety while sitting down and getting up, especially if you are a huge person.

Moreover, the seat features a greater weight holding capacity (300 pounds) than a standard recliner. That makes it perfectly safe and compatible for supporting hefty users.

Tommy Bahama Big Boy Backpack Chair

Convenient parts and accessories: Accessing your mobile phones, headphones and a drink while lying on a beach chair adds both glamor and convenience to your beach outing days. Designed to enhance your beach experiences, this is one of the best beach chairs for big guys, and it presents convenient and practical appendages.

The drink holder allows you to chill out with a glass of champagne. The convenient easy-access pouch helps to keep your essentials handy. You can effortlessly enjoy a good read lying on the chair with the cushioned pillow and cushioned arms enhancing your comfort.

Premium quality construction for a long lasting use: The Tommy Bahama aluminum chair is crafted with care for sustaining a long-term use. The frame of this heavy duty beach chair for heavy persons features a robust aluminum construction. The seat is made of steel and durable polyester fabric.



Verdict: You can buy this extra wide beach chair if you are looking for a premium quality, strong and sturdy beach chair for over 300 lbs.


  • Anti-Gravity Chair for Heavy People
  • Amazing weight holding capacity – up to 600lbs
  • Oversized beach chair with extra wide dimensions 43.5 x26.7 x22 inches
  • Easily foldable and requires no assembly task
  • Ergonomic design for providing the utmost comfort
  • Up-to-date attachments and accessories for added convenience
  • Apt gear for multipurpose use: in the lawn, patio at the beach or at a camping site.

Smart design with smarter features: Timber Ridge brings to you this wonderful beach chair for big guys. Featuring a latest design, this multipurpose patio chair provides maximum comfort to big and tall users. It comes with a host of user-friendly functionalities and accessories. 

You can lie with ease by locking the levers at any point that suits your position best. Other utilitarian equipment like a sliding pillow cushions your head as you lie reading a book. The foldable side table for placing a glass of drink and other belongings can be great for boosting your holiday mood.

best beach chairs for big guys
Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized

Excellent weight sustaining capacity: A perfect beach chair for heavy people, this zero gravity recliner boasts of its outstanding weight sustaining capacity. While best beach chairs for over 300 pounds are considered above average, this chair really stands out with its weighing potential up to 600 lbs.

Foldable to a compact size – Perfect for carrying to any place: Being easily foldable to a compact size is one of its travel-friendly features. You can also fold the side table and place it conveniently under the chair when you don’t need it. Apart from that, you can also unfold and fix it within a minimal time after you reach your lounging destination.



Verdict: Want to get a comfortable lounger to support your extra weight? This Timber Ridge multi-use patio chair is an excellent choice. It can endure up to 600 pounds and reveals advanced features, together which make for a wonderful experience.


  • Oversized Camping Folding Chair: 25.20″ L x 39.37″ W x 39.37″H
  • Lightweight: weighs about 13.2 pounds
  • Can support up to 450 pounds
  • Padded armrest for extra cushioning
  • Sturdy steel frame construction
  • Resistant to corrosion and fading
  • Easy to fold as well as set up in seconds
  • Utilitarian attachments: side pockets and drink holder

Heavy Duty Chair with a Steel Frame: The premium quality construction using durable plastic materials renders a robust, unbreakable make to the chair. Since the frame is made of steel, it is capable of enduring a prolonged use without getting damaged.

This oversize beach chair for heavy people can support up to 450 pounds and provides an overall comforting experience.

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Folding Chair

Lightweight Folding Chair Ideal for Camping: The ALPHA CAMP folding camping chair takes little or no effort to fold set up and fold back. You can install it and fold it in seconds.

It folds down into a very compact size and weighs only about 13.2 pounds. Thus, it’s easy to carry the chair on your backpacking trip or to the beach. Being compact in size, you can easily store it inside your car or any other place. In short, it is one of the best beach chairs for big guys 2020.



Verdict: Be it for enjoying your leisure in the garden, at the beach or camping site plus size beach chair is a superb gear. You can also simply use it as a patio chair on the porch of your house.


  • Sturdy alloy steel frame
  • Folding dimensions: 37.4″ x 30.7″ x 6.1″
  • Cushioned headrest
  • Wide armrests
  • Convenient side table
  • High-quality fabric resistant to rip and tear
  • Plus size chair capable of sustaining up to 350 pounds
  • Rust proof, weather-resistant material perfect for outdoor use.

Easy, instant folding method – perfect for carrying to any place: This oversized beach chair allows you the ease of instant folding. Folding the chair is a matter of seconds. So, you can easily fold and unfold it whenever you need. 

Since its folding size is small and compact, it helps in hassle-free storing. You can stow it away in any nook and cranny of your house when you don’t need it. Also, it fits perfectly in your car if you wish to travel with your campsite companion.

High quality construction with weather resistant features: Designed with precision to sustain a long term use, this extra-wide beach chair sports a durable fabric construction. The fabric has tear-resistant, water-repellent and UV-resistant functionalities. Its weather resistant qualities make it suitable for use in all seasons of the year.

Convenient locking system to fix you in your best position: Always found it difficult to settle your huge physique on a recliner? Put an end to your worries by choosing this super-adjustable lounger. Just lock the knobs on both sides to fix yourself in your best comfortable posture. 

On this chair, you will be able to seamlessly adjust your reclining angle between 0 to 170°.



Verdict: This Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is an apt furniture for placing on your backyard, garden or your living room. Sporting weather resistant and instant foldable qualities, it also becomes your reliable and valuable companion for chilling outdoors.


  • Strong 600D polyester fabric is extremely durable
  • Patented, Powder-Coated Steel Frame
  • Exceptional weight capacity: up to 800 lbs.
  • Roomy, wide seat that measures 24.5 inches
  • Pockets on both sides to keep your essentials accessible
  • One cup holder on each arm
  • Spacious back pocket to carry and store things

Powder-Coated Steel Frame enables the chair to stand the tests of weather and time: The ALPS Mountaineering chair sports a robust steel frame with a powder coating on it. The powder coating offers extra protection from environmental conditions, keeping the King Kong style recliner in a good condition for years.

best beach chair for big guys
ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Can withstand the weight of people weighing up to 800 pounds: Looking for best beach chairs for over 300 pounds? Much to your astonishment, this ALPS Mountaineering recliner claims an incredible weight holding capacity of up to 800 lbs.



Verdict: The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair delivers plus size comfort wherever you take it. Considering the reasonable price and up-to-date features, it doubtlessly makes a smart buy if you are looking for best beach chairs for big guys in 2020.


  • Features a high back with headrest
  • Very lightweight: around 6.6 lbs. to 7 lbs.
  • A cup holder on the right side of the chair
  • Anti-rust alloy steel frame
  • Mesh pouch for storing beach essentials
  • Seat is 23.2 inches wide

Extremely light in weight and easy to carry: Brought to you by KingCamp , this heavy duty beach chair is remarkably lightweight. The frame material being fine quality alloy steel, it weighs about 6.6 lbs. to 7 lbs. You can lift it up and carry along to any place. It is also a great beach chair for heavy people as it supports up to 300 pounds of weight.

KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair

Comforting mesh back providing breathability and relaxation: The mesh back is made of breathable material and keeps you snug and comfy. The fabric of the seat ensures that you feel cool during your stay on the sand. The soft armrest makes for a comfortable padding to rest your arms on.



Verdict: Being light in weight, this chair is extremely travel-friendly. The smart, trendy look complements your style statement on any occasion – from spending a day out in the beach to a poolside party or relaxing at a remote campsite.


  • Lightweight chair: 6.2 ponds
  • Weight holding capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Ergonomic wide footrest preventing sand from soiling your feet
  • Foldable chair
  • Packaging includes a carrying case
  • Sports a smart and trendy look

Ergonomic footrest design for optimum comfort: Fed up with soiling your feet in the sand after lounging on the beach?

This low beach chair allows your legs to stretch out and release muscle tension. In order to ensure that you can relax your legs without getting them messed with the sand, the chair presents an anti-sink footrest. 

The ergonomic design of the wide footrest prevents your feet from sinking into the sand.  Thus, you can just relax without worrying about the sand mess!

Nice C Low Beach Camping Folding Chair

Strong, durable and portable: an ideal lounging gear: The chair sports a triangular structure along with a sturdy steel frame, together which enable it to withstand heavyweight people. It can withstand up to 300 pounds of weight. 

The mesh detailing facilitates ventilation and enhances breathability. The chair weighs about 6.2 ponds and hence is very light in weight. You can fold the chair into a compact size and carry it effortlessly in the carrying case that comes in the packaging.



Verdict: Smart, soft and sturdy, this chair represents perfect comfort at the beach or any outdoor location. The unique design and features make it worth the buy as the best beach chairs for big guys.


  • Additional backpack straps for ease of carrying
  • 4 reclining position options
  • Extra wide, molded armrests
  • Rust-proof, lightweight aluminum frame for lasting a long time
  • Weighs only 11 lbs.
  • The seat doesn’t sink to a very close distance from the ground
  • A storage pouch with a Velcro closure for securing your belongings.

Experience optimum comfort with this plus size plush chair: The Rio beach chair for big and tall guys offers a 4-position adjustment facility, so that you can recline in your best suitable posture. 

The seat keeps a comfortable distance of about 13 inches from the surface level. The seat also provides a wider sitting space than average sized chairs to fit larger people. You can rest your elbows and forearms with ease on the padded armrests.

best beach chair for big guys
Rio Beach Big Boy Folding Chair

Enjoy hands-free traveling with this backpack chair: The Rio beach chair comes with a pair of adjustable backpack straps that enhance your ease of carrying it. Besides facilitating a convenient carrying, the padded straps also help to keep your shoulders cushioned and eased.



Verdict: The Rio beach chair makes a great choice if you want to travel to a campsite or a beach with a chair that helps you unwind.

Best Beach Chairs for Big Guys 2020 Buying Guide (Things to Consider)

Following this buying guide, you can confidently make a valuable purchase, in terms of expedient features of the product as well as its price:

What are the things you must consider while buying the best beach chairs for big guys?

Wide dimensions: Heavy people are mostly huge in size, though there are exceptions. Going by this concept, the best beach chairs for big guys should ideally have a wide seating arrangement. It is the primary condition to seat you comfortably. Also, the backrest and the armrests must feature a flexible design to adjust you with ease.

Height: A chair that supports heavier people is supposed to keep you considerably higher from the surface of the ground. A hefty person naturally faces difficulty to get up from a seat that sinks very low. Thus, you need a chair that settles you above a good many inches from the ground, so that you can avoid feeling clumsy to sit and get up.

Comfort: It is of little use getting an extra-large beach chair that fits your size unless it is really comfortable to lie on. Modern beach chairs feature the latest designs to offer the optimum level of comfort to the user.

Apart from adequate cushioning and padding, the construction material can also determine your comfort quotient. Yes, we are talking about skin burns when you are out in the scorching sun. If the material is steel or aluminum, it becomes a better conductor and hence can get you skin burns. Chairs made of wood are a safe choice if your skin is prone to incurring burns.

So, to secure the ultimate comfort along with safety, we recommend a wooden beach chair that is flexible and comfortable.

Accessories: There are several user-friendly accessories which might enhance your level of ease and convenience. Detachable camping tables, side trays and cup holders can help you enjoy your favorite snack and beverages. A headrest can work as a comfortable support for a relaxing experience.

If your chair has a footrest, it becomes all the more relaxing for your body. A movable footrest allows the flexibility of elevating your legs, which effectively releases muscle tension. You can also choose a beach chair that has an adjustable umbrella. Besides being a fancy annex to your chair, an umbrella also protects your skin against UV rays and skin burns.

Backrest & Armrests: Comfort or a comfortable position is a subjective thing. Only you can set your comfort criteria and priorities. So, before buying a chair or recliner for the beach, you need to consider what kind of backrest and armrest can meet your comfort criteria. Accordingly, you can choose the one with a high or low back. This will help to avoid getting a backache whenever you sit on your beach chair for long periods of time.

Backrest and armrests enhance your comfort during your stay at the beach. Backrests prevent backache when you spend long hours sitting on the chair. Cozy, cushioned armrests make for extra comfort while resting your arms.

Weight Capacity: Not all plus size beach chairs have a great weight capacity. If you are a heavyweight person, you need to be 100% sure about the weight holding capacity of the chair you buy. Steel chairs are remarkably strong to support the weight of heavy and hefty people. In fact, steel chairs are proven to have the highest weight capacity. They are very strong, heavy duty and durable chairs.

Ease of Carrying: To support a huge and heavyweight build, you must need a strong and sturdy chair. But at the same time, you cannot carry a chair to the beach which is itself very heavyweight. So, you need to make sure that the chair you choose for outdoor use is neither fragile nor weighs very heavy.

A heavy duty recliner that is easily foldable and has a convenient design is an ideal choice. Such a chair will be easy to lift up and carry to a beach or campsite.

Easy to set up: Check the time required to install or fix the chair before buying it. You won’t really have a good experience if you need to spend too much time setting up the chair each time you use it. So, we recommend a chair that takes minimal time to set up.

Material: There are different types of beach chairs made of different kinds of materials. While choosing one for your outdoor use, you need to consider a few factors like durability and maintenance procedure. 

Moreover, if you are a big size person, you also need to check the weight capacity and wide dimensions of the chair you would buy. The best beach chairs for big guys are usually made of steel and wood. Aluminum chairs are great for being light in weight and portable, but when it comes to weather resistance capacity and durability, wood and steel chairs win the race.

Pricing: Buy the chair that you can afford. You don’t have to break the bank for a fun moment at the beach.

You obviously won’t breach your budget for buying the best beach chairs for big guys in 2020. Though steel chairs are costlier than aluminum chairs, their durability and sturdy build will give you good value for money.

Beach Chairs Self Care and Maintenance Tips

With time and use, your chair will form mold or rust on its surface, depending on its construction materials. Keeping a careful eye on its maintenance from the very beginning can help in keeping it in a good condition for a long time.

Here we leave a handful of cleaning and maintenance tips for taking better care of your prized chair.    

  • You can use cleaning solutions to scrape and wipe dirt from the body of your chair. Cleaning solutions effectively remove dirt and mold. Regular cleaning also prevents the formation of rust. All you need to ensure is that you adopt adequate safety measures while performing the cleaning task.
  • While using stronger solutions for cleaning, you need to wear a mask to ensure safety. For cleaning mold and mildew with stronger chemical solutions, it is advisable to do it in the open and avoid enclosed places.    
  • If you have to apply bleach, it is mandatory to strictly follow the instructions before use. It is to prevent any kind of damage to the chair as well as to protect yourself from its harmful effects.

In order to reduce your maintenance hassle, you can check on a few points while buying the beach chairs for big guys:

  • If you intend to use it at the beach or other outdoor places, it is good if the chair has weather-resistant features.
  • Non-fabric materials do not let mold and mildew form easily
  • A beach chair that has UV protection prevents fading

Best Beach Chairs for Big Guys FAQs

The weight holding capacity of beach chairs varies according to their make, material and design. There are some chairs which can sustain up to 500 pounds while some chairs can bear a maximum weight of 200-250 pounds. However, the standard weight holding capacity of an average beach chair is around 300 pounds.

If you want to spend long hours sitting on the beach, a zero gravity chair can make for a relaxing experience. Reclining on a zero gravity chair, you can feel a weightless sensation with the least stress on your muscles. You can effectively relax and release muscle tension lying on a zero gravity beach chair.

Some of the most eminent beach chair manufacturing brands are Coleman, RIO, Tommy Bahama and Timber Ridge. You can choose a suitable one for your needs, according to your budget and other miscellaneous preferences.

Both aluminum and plastic chairs have their individual benefits. Since aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, it doesn’t contain any iron properties. This means it is absolutely resistant to rusting and hence is extremely durable.


Plastic, on the other hand, might not be as durable as aluminum chairs but is wonderfully lightweight. Hence plastic chairs are greatly popular for their portability, as you can carry them easily to any place you go.

Big guys need a beach chair they can rely upon with respect to weight holding capacity and comfortable seating. 

An ideal beach chair for huge people must feature a perfect balance between sturdiness and flexibility. On one hand, it should be capable of withstanding your extra weight while on the other, it must not be too hefty or cumbersome.

You should be able to carry any of the best beach chairs for big guys 2020 seamlessly without facing any snag. Moreover, you need to ensure that the seat won’t make you slump too low, else it becomes very clumsy for big and heavy guys. 

Our assortment of the best beach chairs for heavy and hefty people will serve as a comprehensive guidebook to select the ideal product for your purposes.

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