Best Wool Hunting Clothes 2020 for Avid & Experienced Hunters

Love hunting in the winter? Well you must need to do some preparation for that. If you don’t carry best wool hunting clothes with you, then sooner or later you will get into trouble for sure. So it’s better to do your research first before packing your bags.

Market available synthetic hunting clothes may be lighter, but these products can make you feel uncomfortable. Wool, however, is such a quiet material to keep you warm even in monsoon or cold weather.

That is why wool is very much popular among the other hunting clothing material, and the popularity of best wool hunting jackets, pants, gloves etc is on the rise.

best wool hunting clothes

These best wool hunting clothes are specifically designed for outdoor uses. These are specially made to keep in mind the harsh weather you might face in the woods while hunting.

In a Hurry

If you are in hurry and don’t have time to go through the best wool hunting clothes 2020 that are reviewed here, then you can directly check First Lite Obsidian Pants in the case. This is the best in our list.

Kryptek Hoplite II

Kryptek Hoplite II

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Breathable
Kryptek Men's Hoplite II

Kryptek Men's Hoplite II

  • Warm
  • Durable
  • perfect for mountain weather
Fox River Men's Gripper Ragg Glove

Fox River Men's Gripper Ragg Glove

  • Thick & Durable
  • Earflaps could be folded
  • 100% polyester

10 Best Wool Hunting Clothes 2020 Reviews


Kryptek Hoplite II

Durable & Comfortable

These pants are specifically designed to help you move freely in your busy hunting. These pair of pants can give you enough flexibility to move anywhere in your shooting location.


To choose the perfect wool hunting clothes can be a little time-consuming for you among the various options available in the market. Here we have reviewed 10 best wool hunting clothes of 2020 to make your hunting experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Hopefully, these below-listed products would be worthy enough to catch your attention. Please go through the wool hunting cloth reviews to make the appropriate purchase.

The following is a list containing some of the best wool hunting clothes of 2020 you can find in the market today:

If you demand quality, then you can’t ignore the Minus33 Merino Wool Thermerino Hooded Jacket. It is made of best quality merino wool fibers, and is specifically engineered for continuous insulation purpose. 

It helps our body to preserve resources by offering the warmth it needs to cope with the cold weather. It also has a dedicated moisture management technology, so it’s comfortable to wear even when it’s wet. 

Highlighting Points

  • It offers utmost performance and functionality due to its best-in-class progressive continuous insulation technology. 
  • Minus33 has been doing business since 2004, and that’s why it is considered as one of the most experienced and trusted brands in this niche.
  • TECHNICAL DETAILS: Shell: 100% Ripstop Polyester. Insulation: 85% Wool, 15% Polyester. Liner: 70% Tencel, 30% Merino Wool. Garment Weight Size Large = 1.65 lbs. (748 grams).
  • Superior comfortability and well balanced moisture management technology.
  • Dedicatedly engineered for becoming one of the best wool hunting clothes.
  • It has a durable water repellent (DWR) finish. It means it is waterproof as well. 
  • 1 year of warranty 
  • It offers 30 Day money back guarantee as well.



Verdict: This Minus33 Merino Wool 4280 Thermerino Men’s Midweight Hooded Jacket is a perfect choice. It is not bulky and the lining is very comfortable for my taste at least. It offers one additional chest pocket and one hidden pocket to carry important items like mobile etc. Its Waterproofing technology is also on point. If you have the budget you can surely go for it. 

First Lite Obsidian Pants come in the second option in this list of best wool hunting clothes 2020 to give you a versatile look. The Obsidian pants are semi-fitted to make you feel comfortable while hunting. This pant can keep your body warm by giving you a nice feeling. So, you can get extra warmth in cold weather.

This odour resistant best-selling First Lite Obsidian pants are widely popular to give you a nice feeling.

Highlighting Points 

These outdoor pants are made of breathable fabric and nylon to make it more durable.

The material of this pant has the quality to keep you undetected while catching your prey.

This pant has a DWR finish to keep you dry in all weather.

The baggy style Obsidian loose pant allows you to move freely.

You can expect a long-term durability also after tough use.

Total 5 number of pockets are present in it: two front deep hand pockets, one zippered rear pocket and two cargo pockets on the outside of each of the thigh.

  • Made with 88% merino wool
  • Odour resistant
  • Shine and fire-resistant
  • Keeps you dry all-round the season
  • Very long-lasting
  • Helps you to be undetected



Verdict: The above features make the First Lite Obsidian Pants very popular especially for people looking for best wool hunting clothes. This pant can give you both the balance of versatility and utility. These pants are good enough to provide all your need in hunting. These light-wool pants will be the ultimate choice of all the hunters. You can feel comfortable in all types of weather wearing the pants. Warmth will never be an issue with these pants even in the cool mornings. Going through the above features, you can easily consider this Obsidian pants a decently durable one.

The Walker and Hawkes Men’s Derby Tweed Shooting Hunting Country Jacket will be another perfect choice for hunters.

You can experience a clean and enjoyable hunting using this jacket. This jacket will provide you with the features that an experienced hunter may need. This jacket makes you feel warm with comfortable feeling.

Highlighting Points

This jacket is made from 100% polyester to protect you from rough environment.

Another noticeable feature is that the jacket has 5 pockets. Short tabs are attached with the hand-warmer pockets to make the shooting easier without falling on the ground.

The shoulder width is large, and the arms are also long designed.

Woolen wrist cuffs are attached with the inner sleeves to give you warmth in this type of best wool hunting clothes 2020.

Extra seams are attached from the top of the shoulders to make it durable.

The jacket comes with a neck-piece with front-buttoned. The inside lining makes it water-proof and the outside material acts as rain and wind-resistant. 

  • Short tabs with snaps are attached with handwarmer pockets
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable membrane
  • Neck-piece is attached with it
  • Pockets are roomy enough to store shells
  • Quilted padded lining



Verdict: As this jacket is made of 100% polyester, it can keep you warm in the cool temperature. It helps to balance your body temperature while you are hunting for a long day. The pockets are large to keep your handy things in them. You can keep your mobile, wallets, torch in these pockets.

The color and style both are fabulous. This Walker and Hawkes Men’s Derby Tweed Shooting Hunting Country Jacket is slightly over-sized. So, you need to wear it over a sweater to get a complete look.

It is one of the best wool hunting clothes that you can purchase in 2020. It is also available in various size options. The property and design of this jacket will go hand in hand to give you maximum comfort in your day-long hunting activity.

If you want to buy the best hunting pants, Under Armor Men’s Stealth Reaper Mid-Season Wool Pants can fulfill your desires. Your hunting exercise can be more enjoyable with these pants. Having various features for hunting, these pants are highly recommended. You can feel good to wear these best wool hunting clothes 2020.

Highlighting Points

This Under Armor Pants has UA storm technology to repel water.

These pants have an exclusive “no background” color algorithm to block the vision of your prey.

Secure hand-pockets and cargo-pockets are present in these pants.

The material of these pants helps you to keep your body warm and protected from the uneasy elements present in the environment.

The inner layer keeps you warm even after lying for hours on the frozen ground.

These breathable pants are wind-proof and no stain formula.

The pants are constructed in such a way that you can move freely wearing these. These pants are made for hunting.

  • “No background” color technology
  • Windproof
  • Scent-control technology
  • 5 pockets present
  • UA storm technology
  • Smooth feeling



Verdict: All along, these Under Armor Men’s Stealth Reaper Mid-Season wool pants are warm enough to give you comfort. Loose fittings of these pants make you move freely while hunting. Durable and breathable pants are really a good choice during catching a prey. Moreover, these pants are a great resistance for water and odour.

This Kryptek Men’s Hoplite II Merino Wool 1/4 Zip Mid-weight Long Sleeved Camo Shirt also provides you with a comfortable shelter in cold weather. It’s cool design and durability have forced us to include it in our list of best wool hunting clothes of 2020. Wearing this you will feel comfortable while hunting. It is perfect for outdoor use as you feel extremely relaxed whenever you use this shirt.

Highlighting Points

This Kryptek shirt is made with 95% merino wool and 5% spandex.

It is ideal for every situation. Merino wool is itch-free, soft, and comfortable material known so far.

3D design on a 2D surface makes this shirt different from other categories.

Kryptek shirt has the feature of UPF 50 sun protection factor for life-long. This perfectly fitted ¼ zip Camo shirt is easy to wear.

This shirt is wrinkle-free and has the anti-microbial feature as an added advantage.

As this Long Sleeved Camp Shirt is light-weight, you can dry it very fast. You will have no single tear after a tough use.

  • Made with 95% merino wool
  • Quarters zipped
  • Light-weight and easy to dry
  • Non-detectable
  • UPF 50 sun protection factor
  • Anti-microbial



Verdict: So, Kryptek Men’s Hoplite II Merino Wool 1/4 Zip Midweight Long Sleeved Camo Shirt is extremely warm next to your skin. These shirts come in a wide variety of fabric weighs. It is 1/4th zipped and is perfect for mild days. Non-itchy merino wool gives you a comfortable feeling. The style of this shirt is modern enough. This Kryptek shirt is perfectly fitted and comes in various size options. It is perfect for prolonged outdoor hunting activities.

If you want to protect your legs with comfortability, Kryptek Hoplite II Merino Wool Bottom LW – Camo Hunting Pant (Baselayer Collection) can be the perfect choice as your best wool hunting clothes.

These pants are specifically designed to help you move freely in your busy hunting. These pair of pants can give you enough flexibility to move anywhere in your shooting location.

Highlighting Points

These pants are made of 100% merino wool which is the most breathable fibre known so far.

This merino wool is soft and odour resistant. You can get extreme warmth by wearing these pants even in a cool environment with a soft, luxurious feeling.

To reduce body odour is very crucial for hunting. The merino wool helps to reduce body odour.

Another essential feature of this material is “no sound creation”. That means when you make movements while hunting, merino wool will not create any sound.

As a result, you can easily catch your prey without knowing them. Last but not the least, flexibility is another mentioning feature of this pant. That means you can move freely while shooting.



Verdict: This perfectly fitted pants give you a luxurious feeling while hunting your prey. You can use them all around the season.

This pant has also UV protection to maintain your optimum body temperature adjustable for day-long hunting.

Merino wool is a very strong material that you can use them for many long years.

All along, we can say this is a great product. These pants are cool and silence which help in hunting a lot. So, all along we can say, these pants are top-notch quality to give you warm even in frigid nights.

This Meriwool Men’s Base Layer Thermal pants would not spoil your hunger of hunting due to cold weather. They provide you with all the needs you require to beat the harsh weather. Style and comfort go together with this type. It has also stained breaker technology to keep away your body odour.

Highlighting Points

This Thermal pant is made with 100% superfine merino wool to give you comfort for the whole day.

Just after a machine wash and dry in a low heat temperature, you can re-use this pant for your next adventurous journey.

Very little maintenance is required to make this pant reusable. Thus it is definitely one of the best wool hunting clothes that are available in the market in budget options.

These thermal pants have the best layer of clothing in it to give you an ultimate comfort to your skin.

This pant permits you to use it in all the seasons. As this pant can keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

A loop is present to hang this pant while hunting or camping or for any other outdoor activity.

Flatlock seams are present in it to reduce any kind of discomfort due to the fittings.

  • Made by super-soft merino wool
  • Odour resistance to keep you fresh
  • Flatlock seams are present
  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Light-weight
  • Fitted well
  • Wind resistance
  • Perfect thickness



Verdict: This pant is large and roomy enough. This thermal pant gives you a perfect fitting with stretchability. They keep you warm enough in cold days. You can use this pant without showered for several days. So, this Meriwool Men’s base layer thermal pant is outstanding, nice base layer. These pants are well priced with great quality for outdoor uses.

Genuine Army GI M-1951 Field Trousers Korean War Wool Field Pant is another perfect choice for hunters. These pants are adjustable enough to make you move freely. Besides, being comfortable and flexible, these best wool hunting clothes (read pants) are designed specifically for outdoor activities. Mostly beneficial for cold temperature, these pants are among the top-rated choices of the hunters.

Highlighting Points

This Genuine Army Field Trousers are well made with good stitching and nicely designed.

The trousers are made with quality material of heavy wool to provide you warmth.

The pant is brass zipped and has no waistband at the back. You can increase the length of legs by opening the leg hems, if needed. T

hese trousers can keep you dry after using for many years. Usually, these pants have four pockets in them, two slash hip pockets and two buttoned back pockets. So, you can keep your shells, torch, and some other hunting tools in them.

This pant comes in army green colour. These heavy-weight pants are durable as well as wind-resistance.

  • Manufactured in the US
  • Waist-adjustment straps present
  • Brass zipped
  • Made with 100% wool
  • Heavy-weight and long-lasting
  • Usually have four pockets
  • Fits perfectly



Verdict: Genuine Army GI M-1951 Field Trousers Korean War Wool Field Pant is extremely valuable for hunters. This high-quality breathable pant is great for hunting for its durability. This pant is highly recommended for best wool hunting clothes of 2020 due to its above mentioned features. Wearing this, you can enjoy your hunting experience with ample attention unless you could miss your targeted prey.

When you are busy in hunting, Fox River Men’s Gripper Ragg Gloves will give you extra warmth in utmost cold weather from sunrise to sunset. You can get an additional warmth in all hunting conditions. Your hands will stay warm from cold early morning to warmer evening.

Best Wool Hunting Clothes
Best Wool Hunting Clothes by Fox River

Highlighting Points

This glove is made of 85% wool and 15% nylon.

This mid-weight premium gloves has a special feature, thermoregulation.  This feature balances temperature and keeps you dry all along the day.

3-inch elastic cuff is attached with the gloves to cover your wrist.

It has some tough gripper dots over it which helps to hold your gun, torch, shell, mobile and any other devices easily.

The breathable gloves have odour resistant feature also.

But the gloves are fingerless designed to help you to touch your mobiles or any other electrical devices easily.

  • Thermoregulation featured
  • Breathable
  • Elastic cuffs attached
  • Dots are present for gripping
  • Fingerless designed
  • Odour resistant



Verdict: These woollen gloves are capable enough to keep your palm along with the fingers warm. You can use writing instruments and can even turn pages by wearing these gloves.

Last but not the least of this trusted list of 10 best wool hunting clothes 2020, Jeff & Aimy Mens Womens Winter Wool Baseball Cap with Ear Flaps Faux Fur Earflap Trapper Hunting Hat for Cold Weather is another essential clothing needed for hunting. It can properly cover your head and ears from extreme freeze temperature and give you enough warmth.

Highlighting Points

You can use this versatile cap both as a winter baseball cap by folding the earflaps or can cover your ears and neck by pulling it down in the cold temperature.

This extremely soft cap not only gives you warmth and comfort but also looks stylish.

The earflaps, neck and forehead parts are made with top quality skin-friendly fur to give you a luxurious feeling.

The cap is made with 100% polyester to make it more durable.

This stylish cap is best for outdoor activities. This item comes in various colours and sizes and is suitable for both men and women.

  • Earflaps could be folded
  • 2 snap buttons are attached with earflaps
  • Available in different colour and size
  • Thick and durable
  • Made with 100% polyester



Verdict: This Winter Wool Baseball cap is nicely made to suit all your hunting purposes. This cap is lined by 100% polyester to keep you quite warm and keep sunlight out of the eyesight. It is beautifully designed to suit both men and women. Keeping the design and style of the cap in mind, we can recommend this cap to be well-priced.

Durability: Kneeling and crawling are very common exercise in hunting. Keeping this in mind, durable synthetics would be the prior choice. So, your hunting clothes must be waterproof and breathable. The clothing must not create sound with your movement.

🏅Best Wool Hunting Clothes Buying Guide

Good equipment of clothing is essential for a hunter. As the numerous choices are available in the market, here I am going to give you the perfect review to help you to navigate the best wool hunting clothes essential for hunting:

Material: Fast movements are essential in the hunting process. You must not sweat or freeze wearing the material. So, this needs to be breathable enough to insulate your body well. The combination of wool and synthetic will serve the purpose. Merino wool is perhaps the best available in the market as this is light-weight, breathable, odour resistant and, itch less. On the other hand, synthetic is cheaper but lacks the standards. So, depending on the criteria, you must choose the perfect material that goes well with your budget and needs.

Moisture management: Managing sweat and keeping you warm or even cool is the other crucial factor for hunting. Because if you wet, chance of getting cold must be there. So, the clothes you want to buy must keep you dry by taking away the moisture from your skin.

Efficiency: In recent times, with the advancement of new technology. One jacket can do the functions what the two or three can do. Less clothing means less weight on your back helps you to move freely. So, the clothing you choose must be efficient to have all the features from the insulation layer to windbreaker.

Comfort: Comfortable hunting will be the happy hunting. The hunting clothes must be pleasant to wear to give you more brain power for hunting rather than trying to get warm or dry. ‘Comfort’ is the key that gives a hunter the ability to catch his prey, however harder it is.

Camouflage pattern: Last but not the least, good camouflage pattern is another crucial factor for good hunting clothes. Although these camos are over-rated, but the pattern is beneficial as it blends well with the atmosphere you are hunting. This pattern can keep you undetected from your catching prey.

🏅FAQs About Best Wool Hunting Clothes 2020

Wool is always good than synthetic for hunting. Although synthetic clothing is lighter, thinner, and warmer; but wool will always be the best material to wear for hunting. The best part of wool is it keeps you warm.

If you do not have a wool cycle option available in your washing machine, you can wash it in cold water. A mild detergent or wool mark certified wool detergent can be used in the washing. After washing, you can flat dry your clothes out in the direct sunlight.

Any kind of pants made of wool can be classified as wool trousers. Light-weight fabric trousers and heavier-weight trousers, all these are called wool trousers.

As the wool pants are durable and breathable, these are always good for hunting. But some cheap products available in the market are not durable enough for such a tough job.

Final Verdict

Going through the article, we can say, best wool hunting clothes are effective enough to keep you warm. Wool is possibly the best quiet material to wear as it always provides maximum breathability and warmth. Wool is such a versatile material that can be used for anything.

Woolen clothes may be light-weight, thick or heavy. That means you can use Woolen clothes for hunting all around the season. Also, these clothes are durable enough. All these features make the best wool hunting clothes 2020 much more bearable for long hunting sessions.

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