Can You Wash Wool in the Washing Machine?

Cleaning wool is very easy. And you can wash woolen clothes in the washing machine. You can also hand wash it with care. As wool is stain resistant and crease resistant it can be washed with little care. Read the wool’s care label first, even before washing it in the washing machine.

Examining the care label can help you determine how to clean the items the best way possible. Some woolen garments, such as socks, should be hand-washed, while others, such as pants or wool hunting clothes may require dry cleaning.

Can you wash wool in the washing machine? detailed guide
Can you wash wool in the washing machine?

You just have to set the cycle as woolen delicates or set cold water wash. Never use tumble dry as it can shrunken your clothes. After taking it out from the machine just gently squeeze the woolen clothes and soak it.

Can You Wash Wool in the Washing Machine?

The answer is YES. You can wash a woolen sweater in a machine with mild detergent. Check whether your machine has a setting for wool or not. If it comes with a wool setting, then you must set the cycle on wool. But if it does not have this setting then it is recommended to put it on cycle for delicate. It is better to avoid tumble drying in case of woolen clothes. It may ruin your favorite sweater or jacket. It should be flat dried.

How to Wash Wool in the Washing Machine?

Wool is a wonderful absorbing fiber that is quite delicate. Generally you can get top quality wool from camels, sheep, goats and a few others to mention. Woolen garments and accessories are made from those. Because of its delicate nature, if it is not being cleaned with proper care, it tends to shrink, and get loose shaped or lack consistency.

How to Wash Wool in the Washing Machine?

Many people are anxious about washing wool, yet it is a simple process. If you want to keep your wool in best condition, follow these instructions:

1. Woollen clothes should not be washed too often

Wool is an organic fabric that regulates its own temperature. As a result, it should be washed less frequently than other materials. The easiest technique to deal with stains on woolen clothes is to treat them as soon as possible. Instead of rubbing the stain, spot-treating entails delicately blotting it. Similarly, you can air dry woolen garments after they have been worn.

2. Take care of stains before putting it in the machine

you can use stain removal detergent bar or liquid to pre-treat stains. For tough stains you should apply a stain solution at least before 30 minutes to remove the stains completely.

3. Separately wash dark and light-coloured clothes

Color spills on wool and other natural fibers can be particularly difficult to remove. As a result, it is vital that light and dark apparel is not washed together.

4. Always use a mild detergent

When washing woolen garments, don’t just use any detergent. It is preferable to use a detergent designed specifically for wool. If you’re using a powdered detergent, make sure it’s completely dissolved in water before using it to wash wool.

Powdered detergent should be dissolved before use to avoid damaging the wool. Also, make sure the detergent should not be alkaline, as this could harm your woolens. Using too much detergent also has a negative impact on woolens. Always turn your woolen clothes inside out to use it for a long time.

5. Before putting it in the washing machine, soak it in cold water

it is recommended to soak the woolen garments in cold water before you put it in washing machines otherwise it tends to shrink. You can also remove any foul scent from woolen garment by soaking it in cold water blended with scented vinegar.

6. Limit agitation in the washing machine

Agitation causes wool to shrink, thus it’s essential to minimize it. If possible, switch off the agitator on the machine. When you’re washing, make sure to select the mild setting. Also, be cautious not to overload it.

7. Don’t use a tumble dryer

Tumble dry wool is not recommended since the heat produced by the machine will cause your items to shrink. Tumble drying wool, no matter how careful and meticulous you were when washing it, will result in shrinking.

8. Steam woollen garments to get rid of wrinkles

To eliminate creases from woolen garments, steam is the safest and most effective method. Wool should never be ironed since it will ruin the cloth.

9. Brush wool to freshen it up

Shaking the woolen garments vigorously to eliminate loose dirt particles and freshen it up. After that, spread the clothing out on a smooth surface and carefully brush it with a soft-bristled brush. To avoid harming the wool, brush it in one direction. Brushing the wool straightens it up and makes it less harsh. After that, let the garment air dry.

How Do You Dry Wool Quickly?

Even if you wash your woolen garments in a machine, remember not to tumble dry the garments. It will ruin your garments completely. The best way to dry woolen garments is to flat dry. It is important that wool garments be flat dried on a pale colored or white towel that is free of dirt. Tailored garment drying netting screens intended to drape over the bathtub are also available. These have the effect of speeding up the drying process. Let the garments air dry.

Can You Put Wool in the Dryer?

If your garment has a machine-wash label then you can wash it in a machine and your garment will not shrink. You should not put your woollens under direct sun. Like dry cleaning a suit with only a steamer’s installed hanger, you can put the sweater flat on a folding clothing rack.

Can You Put Wool in the Dryer?

Woolen clothes can stretch when dried on the line or on hangers due to the weight of the moisture contained in the garment, causing the garment to extend in length and lose its shape

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I wash wool sweaters in the washing machine?

Yes you can wash your sweater in the machine. But it’s best to keep your sweater in Laundress mesh and choose your machine cycle to delicate or woolen settings. But never dry it in the dryer. Beet to lay it flat dry.

Can you wash a wool coat in the washing machine?

Your wool coat can be washed on the delicate cycle in the washing machine. However, do not put it for tumble dry. Or else, the wool would shrink and lose its appearance. Rather, hang it for a time to allow the water drain or soak it with a dry towel.

How do you wash raw wool in the washing machine?

1. Soak the wool in water

Fill the sink or the washing machine halfway with hot water with dish soap. The amount of soap you use depends on the type of fleece you have, but a few droplets per bagful should suffice. To combine the water and soap, stir it around a little before adding the wool.

Put a mesh bag or two of wool into the water while wearing protective gear to cover your hands and arms. Hold them under the water for as long as you can without moving them until the wool is completely saturated.

2. Allow it to Rest

Allow 30 minutes for the wool to soak; the water will have cooled slightly but should still be warm. If you leave the wool in cool water for a long time, the lanolin will simply re-deposit on the fiber. The water will darken and then become filthy!

3. Rinse and Drain

Drain the unclean water and replace it with fresh hot water and a few sprinkles of dish soap. Allowing water to run directly onto the wool is not a good idea! You can push the mesh bags to the side while adding extra water if you’re using a sink, but if you’re using a washing machine, you may need to softly lift the bags out into a washtub while refilling.

4. Check for bubbles by refilling with hot, clean water and soaking to remove any bubbles.

5. Wring it out and dry it

You can spin out the wool in a washing machine (as long as it doesn’t spray water into the wool while spinning!). Otherwise, gently press the wool bags against the edge or bottom of the sink to drain the majority of the water. The wool should not be twisted or wrung.

What detergent is safe for wool?

When hand washing or machine-washing woolen clothes, you should use a mild detergent, preferably one that is Woolmark suggested. Hard detergents, enzyme-based “bio” detergents, and bleach-based detergents should all be avoided.

What temperature should you wash wool?

Knitted jumpers should be cleaned at 30 degrees or less as a general rule, but always see the care label on the garment prior washing to verify you’re cleaning at a temperature the material can tolerate.


Wool must be stored carefully to avoid becoming degraded. To keep the material from yellowing, it should be kept out of direct sunlight. To keep dampness and insects out, woolen items should be stored in airtight cases.

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