Best Camping Tables 2020: Top Products Reviewed & Listed

Best Camping Tables: Spring is almost here and that means it’s time for going camping outside as it’s a great time to spend outdoors with the family. Several people can relate to this: where they prepare ahead of their trip and setup the tent RV or tent, the sleeping bags and the camp kitchen only to find that the campground has no table. It’s a big issue, yet at the same time you can’t expect to see one everywhere you go.

Your perfect weekend becomes annoying and you then have to search for another place to sit and eat comfortably. Lots of people likes having a camping table around: from back pains to finding mud on everything, being at a camping spot without one might not be a good idea. So, always assume that the grounds won’t have a table. But there is a solution for this and you can find it among the many camping accessories that you usually shop for before the big trip.

It’s called a camping table and it gives you much needed extra space when the table the campgrounds is broken or too small and save you if there isn’t one. You’ve got plenty of options as well, taking into consideration sizes, colors, materials used, lightness, portability and durability. That only leaves one question – what’s the best one for you? This article describes the best camping tables of 2020, where else but online and help you decide based on what’s right for your family and camping needs. 

Best Camping Tables 2019
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Slim Portable Folding Cook Station from GCI
  • Lightweight

  • Foldable 

  • Additional storage

Outdoor Compact Table from Coleman

  • Convenient design

  • Additional carry bag 

  • heat proofing

Camping Table from Trekology

  • Lightweight

  • Water Resistant

Aluminum folding table from Artist Hand

  • Lightweight

  • Sturdy

  • Flat top

Adjustable camping table from REDCAMP

  • Adjustable height

  • 110 lbs support

  • Free tools for setup

Deluxe Folding Grill table from Camco

  • Easy to assemble

  • Carry bag

  • Lightweight

Bamboo HD folding table from KingCamp

  • Water resistant

  • Aluminum Frame

  • Carry Bag

Windscreen Portable Camping Table from Happybuy

  • Carry Bag

  • Locker & extension

  • Easy to carry

Bamboo HD folding table from KingCamp

  • Adjustable legs

  • Water Resistant

  • Aluminum frame

Adams Quik Fold Side Table

  • Budget friendly

  • Lightweight

  • Quickly foldable

Top 10 Best Camping Tables of 2020 for Your Needs

When you go shopping online for a camping table, you’ll be shocked at the options you find. Choosing a new one can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming, taking even more time than expected. You only need to remember 3 things when looking for these tables: – 1) purpose, 2) price and quality and 3) Specifications.

We’ve shortlisted 10 such best camping tables from the brands that received the best sales and are known for their reputation and quality.

#1 The Slim- Fold Camp Kitchen Portable Folding Cook Station from GCI Outdoor

GCI Outdoor has built this Camp Kitchen Cook Station using patented Slim- Fold technologies. The advantage is that this multi-level is an entire piece that set can be dismantled and setup easily. When folded, it lies completely flat and can easily be kept away in the garage, or placed in the car. So you don’t have to worry about or spend hours trying to figure out what goes where! And you can do plenty of things on it because it has aluminium counter tops and store items in the lower rack provided. In case, you need just a little extra space, you can bring up the side tables that fold down the sides.The Slim- Fold Camp Kitchen Portable Folding Cook Station from GCI Outdoor

The company went ahead and even installed some more things on these side tables – multipurpose hooks, drink holders, wine glass holders. There’s no need to worry bout whether the cook station can handle all this extra weight. Its frame is made out of steel, and the aluminium counters are 100% heat resistant.



Ideally suited for few uses or rare occasions. No guarantee on the durability.
Final Verdict

#2 Outdoor Compact Table from Coleman

This aluminium table from Coleman has been described as the ideal outdoor and camping cooking stand. The slat top will not be damaged by hot cooking vessels or by stove tops. The entire structure is made out of steel and the legs fold up and inside according to accordion style design. There is nothing exceptional or fancy here. It is extremely easy to set up and does come with a carry bag.

The company has made sure to provide a product that suits the need of the people of every category. Coleman is definitely one of the best companies that make outdoor products all over the world.




This is your basic table for $49.99 which seems a bit overpriced especially when there are no special features. Suited for people who simply want an extra table for outdoor use.
Final Verdict

#3 Portable Camping Side Tables with Aluminum Table Top from Trekology

The brand says that it’s an all-purpose table that’s practical and mobile too. It is compact enough to be fitted into your RV or cars, yet strong enough for heavier tasks of outdoor cooking and cutting. You can even use it during picnics, backpacking and several other outdoor activities too.

Portable Camping Side Tables with Aluminum Table Top from Trekology

This table is known for its solid construction with a hard, aerospace grade aluminum table top that’s water proof.  It is also weather resistant and you simply have to wipe to clean it.



A highly compact table that’s great for those who don’t want to carry too much, or bulky items. Folds up small enough to carry in a kayak!
Final Verdict

#4 4Seats Aluminum folding table from Artist Hand

4 Seats Aluminum folding table from Artist HandArtist Hand has cleverly devised this table for use with family camping trip. The table folds into a rather big suitcase sized flat piece and may require extra storage space. Buy this only if you know you’re going to be driving to your camping site as it can be a bit tricky to carry by hand.



An option for bigger families or for kids and seniors those are unable to eat on their own. Its better suited for sunnier areas like the beach if you want to use the umbrella holder.
Final Verdict

#5 The Outdoor adjustable camping table from REDCAMP

The Outdoor adjustable camping table from REDCAMP

REDCAMP’s table is much lighter because of the aluminium alloy frame and the fibreboard table top. A plus point is that it can be adjusted to two different heights. It’s got a security latch that holds everything in place and extra adjustable foot caps give best support on uneven surfaces.



It appears that some of key features that make this look like a good buy aren’t what they’re supposed to be. You can choose between 2 or four chairs, but they are ideally suited for kids. Adults may require extra chairs to be brought along and can only use the table when it’s adjusted to the maximum height.
Final Verdict

#6 Deluxe Folding Grill table from Camco

Deluxe Folding Grill table from Camco

Camco says that the deluxe table is designed specifically for grilling and contains all the right accessories for the job as well. It light, portable and slim so grilling is always a breeze. Don’t be fooled by its lightweight frame, because the stand is extremely durable and the entire thing can be moved around or stored easily. Speaking of storage, the table folds down to just 6 inches and can be placed anywhere.

As with all camping table, the Deluxe table comes with an aluminium top, two side tables, hooks and a paper towel holder. There’s a lower, second storage grate for keeping sauces, seasonings and spices safely away from heated top table.



The table might be good for light grilling but don’t think about putting any heavy grillers on top. Then again, keeping too many condiments, paper towels too close to the griller may turn the table into a potential become a fire hazard.
Final Verdict

#7 Bamboo heavy duty folding table from KingCamp

Bamboo heavy duty folding table from KingCamp

KingCamp is one of the few companies that create tables that do the job and this Small size Bamboo heavy duty folding table is no different. It’s exactly what they say it is and is made out of bamboo so it is also an eco-friendly option. The steel structure with additional table tops support makes the table strong enough to support 80 kgs. Big is power and size but folds up to fit into the tiny carry provided with it that’s just 6 inches in height.



There’s nothing bad about this one. The bamboo table does have extra supports underneath. It’s strong enough to support up to 80 kgs and can support two adults easily. You can get a smaller size for the kids and yes, both variants come with 3 levels adjustable heights.
Final Verdict

#8 Multifunctional Windscreen Easy-to-Clean Portable Camping Kitchen from Happybuy

Multifunctional Windscreen Easy-to-Clean Portable Camping Kitchen from Happybuy

This isn’t just another regular folding camping table. That comes with its own carry bag. The table comes with wind guards and Poly 600D with PVC Coating canvas covers to prevent rain, dust and wind from spoiling your day. You get a steel wind guard that block out all wind so you can retain ideal heat and grilling temperatures. You can now store dry food and condiments too because the lower compartments have safeguards as well. All of this extra weight is supported by a steel structure.



There’s a bit of a learning curve when setting this table up. The steel wind guard might come in the way of bigger grills but fits smaller grills perfectly. The canvas tarps do protect dry food, spices from excessive winds, sand, bugs and dust which is something you’ll find at the beach or at campsites.
Final Verdict

#9 4- 6 person bamboo heavy duty folding table from KingCamp

4- 6 person bamboo heavy duty folding table from KingCamp

This is the second larger variant that’s designed to fit around 4 to 6 people easily. Priced at $144.99, it’s one of those tables that last for some time. KingCamp planned the table in a way that makes it easy to fold and set in just seconds. When folded, it’s like a suitcase that can be carried as is or you can place it in the carry bag provided.



The big problem is that the bamboo tops began splitting, while still new and in the case. This is usually seen in wood planks that have been processed or polished. So it’s hard to say if the table will last a couple of outings or even support the mentioned weight. The company should have done seomthing to ensure that this wouldn’t happen.
Final Verdict

#10 Adams Manufacturing 8500-13-3900 Quik Fold Side Table

Adams Manufacturing 8500-13-3900 Quik Fold Side Table

We always look for an ideal camping table that should be lightweight, has a quick folding feature and compact in size. Otherwise carrying a bulky table can be a headache.  Adam’s table meets every specification we need for a leisure camping. It comes at a budget friendly price and it’s sturdy in nature.  Unlike all camping tables it requires no assembly, thus just in a few seconds you can set it up and enjoy sitting around bonfire!

Don’t indulge into the misconception that it can’t carry bulky things as it’s made of lightweight PVC material. The built is so compact; you can deck a lot of stuffs atop without a single thought of getting stained, thanks to its easily washable feature.

Moreover, UV inhibitor color protects it from getting faded. Resin material finish attracts no rust and it doesn’t peel.



It’s an ideal camping table either for couples or a family consisting member of four. Due to its easy portability, choosing it will never make you feel disappointed.
Final Verdict

Best Camping Tables 2020 Buying Guide (Things to Consider)

The best part about bringing a good camping table is being able to sit down with your family to enjoy a meal or cook afresh food right there and then. But a flimsy cooking station or table that breaks could ruin your special meal and the day itself!

Cooking your meals and enjoying shouldn’t take any extra efforts and that’s why a good camping table and cook station makes all that difference. But which one is right for you? If you search online, you’ll see a number of sizes, options, brands. We thought we’d help you out here as well!

This depends on how many people you have on your family or how many are attending your barbeque or picnic. For example, if there’s just the two of you there’s no need to buy a table meant for six! The opposite holds true for bigger families. In fact, the bigger the table, the better.

Remember you are carrying an entire table. So also think of how you will be transporting or carrying it to the campsite, picnic grounds or the beach. Most options come with free carry bags where you simply fold away the table and put it in the back of the car. Some of these carry bags are oblong, square, flat like suitcases: the real question here is whether it will fit into your kayak, RV, car, roof box and even your backpack. If you don’t plan this part out correctly, your camping accessories might take up more space than you imagined. 

You’ll be moving it around a lot – from your home to the campsite, the car and back, setting it up at the grounds and readjusting it depending on the surface it’s on. Other times, you may want to carry it in your back pack. Lightweight tables won’t require extra hands to help you set it up and won’t give you a backache either! 

Folding tables can be a puzzle to figure out! Does the table fold upwards, sideways or does it simply have collapsible legs and supports. When packed up, it could directly affect the space required for transporting it. It also affects how much time it takes to actually set up, dismantle and if it can withstand heavy breeze, weights etc.

The biggest concern is how much weight the table can support. If you choose a split fold table for easier carrying, then you may lose out on lasting strength. Solid table tops are stronger but take up too much space.

The table is only useful when you can sit at it. If there are kids around, then you need a lower height which might not suit all adults. Cook stations should only be handled by adults, so the higher it is the better.

Some tables do come with chairs either as set or free. Most campers will tell you that the chairs might be too small and they’re suited for kids. If that’s the case with your table, then you’d also want to bring some comfortable chairs too and simply purchase a table only. Also keep in mind that various table models come with fold out or extendable chairs as well.

Camping tables and cook stations are made out of steel, aluminum, wood, fibreglass, MDF and plastic. Steel and metal mixes are better choices for cook stations only because you will be putting a grill or cook top on it. These materials are expected to be stronger and last a while. Go for wood, plastic, MDF when it comes for table. 

What you’re eventually spending makes a difference too. You can easily find smaller, one person tables for under $10 but they’re really meant for books, cameras, your beer etc. These are good if you’re carrying less, on your own and just want to sit and enjoy the view. Cook stations and tables that cost a bit more will last longer and have more space for the average food spread. Bigger tables can seat more people as well, so get this for your next family camping trip.      

Different Types of Best Camping Tables

There’s no simple solution or table that suits everyone’s needs. We’d suggest the lightweight, folding tables or cook stations as they look better on paper. Then, there’s even some with benches or chairs a well. Yet, for some people, this might be too much for their budget or requirements. They’re looking for smaller, collapsible tables that are functional yet easy to carry. So what kind of table and cook stations are out there?

Almost all of them are foldable only because it’s easier to carry them to where you need to be. It’s for this reason that many of them come with handles or carry bags. First you have four to six seat tables that are larger: about the size of two coffee tables put together, but no bigger than that otherwise they won’t be portable.

Then come with seats that you’d normally find with big tables. Depending on the manufacturer, the chairs might be separate pieces, or they could be attached to the table itself for easier storage and portability. The benches or chairs can be pulled out or extended but always have to be kept on even surfaces otherwise they get wobbly.

Next are the smaller tables that good for individual use that are foldable and can be fitted into carry bags the size of a makeup brush bag. The design structure is always the same, where the top comes off the legs and both components can be folded way. Some of the table tops can be folded vertically and horizontally while other lie flat.

These are foldable stand that you can use for cooking small meals. Usually you have very basic stainless steel structure that have one area for the cook top and one or two other shelves for keeping food, sauces and dips. These stands might even come equipped with hooks where you can hang spoons, gas cylinders and even a bag for collecting the burnt bit sand scraps.

Some are bigger and more complex and might come with another fold out table where you can chop, make sandwiches and keep plates. This might even double as a sink with attached drain pipe. Or a shower head like pole for overhead lamps. Manufacturers may add necessities that they feel might be useful like tarp or canvas coverings over places where food is kept or is being cooked.       

What's the Need of Camping Tables in 2020

The camping table looks like a very boring buy but does give you that comfortable experience where you relax and eat. You have that extra space to lay out food, drinks and don’t have to worry about sitting on the grass which can be unhygienic at times! You can play card games, settle your hunting rifles, adjust your cameras, use your laptop or even read a book.Camping Table Reviews Camping Table Reviews and Guide (Fully Exclusive)

Camping tables are meant for everyone really and you can even take on to your camping ground if you know the area doesn’t have one. Seniors that may not find it easy to sit on the grass, tree log or rocks could use this seating option so they can join in the fun of a camping trip and not have to worry layer. Kids and the family can eat without making a mess or leaving food plates, glasses strewn all over the place. Tables can be used for keeping valuables in sight and not thrown around where they could get damaged. If you don’t like sleeping on the ground in the camp, make use of this table.         

If cooked well, your meals have a much better taste than those readymade meals you may get the campsite. Cooking the way we normally do could make the whole experience – from the food preparation to that last bit left on your plate – unforgettable. The one drawback about that is camp cooking needs more patience, energy and ingenuity and may not be as well stocked as the kitchen at home. So that’s why they have cooking stations.

A cooking station meant for those who like to eat fresh when outdoors or when backpacking. With the right combination of a station, lighter fluid, matches or gas canister you can cook up beans, corns, pasta, eggs, back and even chicken. You don’t need too many utensils, just the frying pan, a crock pot, tons and spatula for the grilling. Cook stations are good for barbeques when you do a lot of grilling that would be impossible to do inside you own kitchen because of the mess and smoke. So it can be used out in your backyard, gardens, and porch and even on the beach too. Cooking outdoors means that you have to contend with winds, rains, dust, bugs and everything else nature can throw at you. These cooking stations have ben adapted to address that and now include wind guards, canvas covers.

Cooking stations are suited for those who enjoy cooking but also enjoy a lot of camping, barbeques, hanging out on the beach but still want some yummy, freshly cooked food.           

Should You Buy a Camping Table for Yourself?

Camping tables and cook stations are meant for nature lovers, hikers, back packers, road trips and families that like being a part of the great outdoors! Scientists, bird watchers, hunters and researchers who need a place to keep expensive equipment.

Camping Tables Reviews 2019 Best Camping Tables for Outdoor Picnic Use

Families that like to eat together could make good use of a table without or without the chairs. Camping aficionados will agree to this: that placing a plate filled with food on their alp to eat is impossible. You could easily drop your food and may not get anything to eat then! What’s worse is when bugs, leaves and small animals fall into your plate. At a table, it’s easier, safer and more hygienic.      

Part of being hygienic is making your own food at the campsite. We don’t think there is any such thing as the right or perfect setup like you’d see at home. Yet, just like your own kitchen, camping cook stations should be suited to your style of cooking. The goal really is to make those meals as delicious as possible and not about acquiring the best possible equipment.

Hunters, researchers and scientists need to go outdoors to gather information on nature, terrains, study animals and they can’t do that without their equipment. Could you imagine putting a microscope on the rocky grounds and trying to study the specimens you gathered? Or what if you spotted a deer and couldn’t get your rifle set up in time.

Best Camping Tables 2020 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What we should choose- a simple table or a table with barbeque grill option?

Products serve purpose. In a leisure trip, we recommend a simple light weight table but having a plan of bonfire and drenching out tongue with wine or beer always require a barbeque grill. If someone is carrying grill in the group then avoid purchasing a table with grill.

  1. Is Camping table necessary?

As we have mentioned earlier, purpose is the point we need to think on. If our camping trip is self organized then carrying a table will be a good idea because a table can be used for romantic dinner, perfect deck for keeping food while having a gulp of beer or wine and beholding the beauty of nature in eyes.

  1. How much should we spend on a camping table?

Always spend intelligently. If you want a table with versatile usability then you may end up with purchasing a product with hefty price tag. Choose what’s necessary for you then you may get a good resale value if incase you have a thought of reselling for another product.    

  1. Which table we should choose- wooden or a table made of other materials?

Wooden furniture feels classy but for camping looks actually don’t matter at all. Moreover, a sudden splash of water can harm wood and wrought iron both because it will affect longevity of the product while fire can provide same damage to PVC. For a normal purpose use, we recommend camping tables made of hard plastic or PVC and if tables with grills are in preference then go with wrought iron material. Decide the need yourself like a smart buyer.

Final Verdict

Your next outdoor trip will only be perfect if you have the right gear on you. Cook Stations and best camping tables add that much needed ‘right here at home’ feel that you could miss if you’re out too long! Quality gear ensures that nothing goes wrong on your next touting and won’t breakdown while you use it. Of course, what you eventually choose for yourself and your family is up to you and we hope these reviews are helpful then!   


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