Best Electric Water Heater 2020: Top Products Reviewed & Listed

Best Electric Water Heater 2020: An interesting thing about your home’s water supply is that it travels through a complex network or pipelines and its usually room temperature. Other times it could be warm or cold , depending on the season. When you shower or bath, do the laundry or run the dishwasher with warm water, all you need to do is turn on the faucet. Where does that hot water come from? The water heater of course.

Water heaters are an essential appliance in all American homes. Its the huge metal cylinder or tall drum that you’ll find in the basement or laundry rooms. You do get new styles too, that work on a water – on – demand system. Technology has changed as well and you can now find energy efficient heaters as well. 

After all, a quarter of your energy usage involves just water heating yet its extremely essential, especially in those cold winter months. So, to balance out those bills and a steady supply of hot water when you need it, you have to know how to buy a good water heater. We’ve listed out ten of the best electric water heaters of 2020 that you can easily find online or at your nearest store.

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Best Electric Water Heater 2020
Best Electric Water Heater 2020 (Perfect Buying Guide for Every One)

#1 The ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater

The ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater
ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Remember how we told you about energy efficient and tank less water heater? The ECO 18 model from Ecosmart has both of these features. Its able to control energy use on its own using a patented ‘Self- Modulating’ technology. The company guarantees that the heater is highly durable and can withstand extensive use – an absolute must for the worst winters.

Yet, it’s very easy to use and maintain too. The stainless steel and copper components make all of that possible and can be easily replaced.


  • Helps save around 60% on bills
  • Lifetime warranty when used in residences
  • 0.3 GPM activation flow
  • Wall mounted design for minimal storage area and endless hot water reserve


  • Price tag of $449.00
This might be a very good option for people who want a greener way to heat water or those struggling with overwhelming energy bills!! The price tag is a bit steep, but it does guarantee to cut down on those bills by at least 50%. One can choose between 6 models available on the market right now, according to what’s best for their homes and pockets. The small, compact size of all models makes it right for smaller apartments and homes that simply don’t have the space for those clunky tanks.
Final Verdict

#2 Mueller Austria Double Boiler Electric Kettle Water Heater

Double Boiler Electric Kettle Water Heater
Double Boiler Electric Kettle Water Heater

Made by Mueller Austria using borosilicate glass, the kettle has a lid that closes firmly to prevent spilling when you pour a cup of coffee or tea. The entire body and lid is scratch resistant and wont scuff easily. The handle is anti-slip which gives you a good grip on the kettle without burning yourself.

There’s an LED light that lets you know when its heating and this switches off automatically once the water is boiled completely. That an added advantage to have when busy in the kitchen every morning. Plus, its cordless and its rotational glass body has a measuring scale on it too.


  • LED heating indicator light
  • SpeedBoil Tech, individual pots for coffee and tea
  • European engineered but made in the US and cordless
  • Can be rotated on heating basis


  • Available in 2.9 litre and 1.8 litres, so might suit small to mid-sized families. Bigger families will have to wait
The kettle seems to be the perfect fit for those who need to really rush their mornings and want a safer, faster way to boil water. It can safely be used around kids too and parents wont have to worry about them playing, sitting around a hot kettle. An appliance that’s this convenient really should come in much bigger sizes.
Final Verdict

#3 Rheem’s Heating Chamber RTEX-13 Tankless Water heater

Rheem’s Heating Chamber RTEX-13 Tankless Water Heater
Rheem’s Heating Chamber RTEX-13 Tankless Water Heater

The company calls it a Residential Tankless Water Heater, implying that its specially designed for use at homes. The company has applied features that make this a very convenient purchase and user friendly. To begin with, it’s priced at a reasonable $299.28 and is very easy to install. They’ve even included a ½ inch compression water connector and ½ NPT adapters to ensure quick setup.

Using the heater is a simple process too, involving a digital thermostatic external control that’s adjustable. There’s and LED simply on the front that shows you the temperature with a +1 degree accuracy. This is an extra benefit when it comes to saving on bills and the company claims that it’s 99.8% efficient.

Servicing is a breeze too, where all heating elements, copper internal parts are replaceable through the field servicing that the company guarantees.


  • Affordable and lightweight (8.5 pounds only)
  • No batteries required and user friendly
  • Easy servicing, energy efficient and compact.


  • Single model variant and price that isn’t suitable for bigger homes that need heavier hot water supply. Looks lightweight and susceptible to damage under extensive use.
If you’re looking for a trouble free water heating, then choose this one. Rheem appears to have thought of all hassles when it comes to water heaters – from the installation, usage and servicing too. Suitable for those that aren’t home a lot, busy with kids or looking after seniors and servicing comes to you.
Final Verdict

#4 Electric, Glass Kettle from Gohyo

Electric Glass Kettle from Gohyo
Electric Glass kettle from Gohyo

This is another affordable, durable option for busy kitchens. Somewhat similar to the Mueller Austria water kettle, it’s capable to heating a full jug of water in under 4 minutes. The borosilicate glass body lets you see the boiling as it happens and the LED will let you know when it’s done.

The company says that they’ve used special heat resistant glass, the same thing that’s used for making baby bottles, so it’s health grade. The materials used for making the rest of kettle are food grade, non corrosive and non absorbent.

You don’t have to keep an eye on it either. The kettle has an automatic shut off system prevents over boiling and water dry conditions. You can even cook, soups, noodles in it as well.


  • 100% FDA and BPA approved, CE safety inspected, stainless tell inner lid, food grade silicone and glass used. 18 month replacement warranty and no- slip grip.


  • 1.8 litres and 2 litres only. You may need an extra one depending on usage.
The price makes it an affordable option for everyone. Although its been made out of approved materials, you can get a replacement should something go wrong. Honestly, we can’t see anything wrong with it.
Final Verdict

#5 Willow & Everett Gooseneck spout kettle

Willow & Everett Gooseneck Spout Kettle
Willow & Everett Gooseneck Spout Kettle

Priced at just $38, this kettle comes with advantage of a gooseneck spout that prevents splashes when you pout out the water, coffee or tea. Made entirely out of stainless steel, the company guarantee better boiling over other normal kettles. This is because the spout offer a controlled slow flow that extracts more flavour using the pour over method, out of the coffee or tea.

Boiling requires 1000 watts and is as simple as turning on the switch and leaving you free to do other things. Don’t worry, the auto shut off system stops the heating once everything is done. Cordless base, all you need to do is lift the jug and pour.

Another benefit is the full stainless steel finish that looks elegant and pricey and can easily fit in with all other steel appliances in the kitchen. Health and confirmation free water was taken into consideration too, so you won’t find any chemical or Teflon lining inside. Even the handle on the outside is BPA free! Since there’s extra space behind the spout, you can use both hands to carry, tilt the jug over a cup.

The lid is seal proof and can be removed using a black knob just on top of it. We’re sure you’ll like it, but if not you can return it can get a full refund in 90 days.


  • Full stainless steel, food grade and BPA free, spill proof lid, cordless, splash proof spout, returns & refund policy


  • Only one size of 1 litre, one variant.
Classy finish designed to give you that ‘high-end’ look, without the price tag of course! It’s ideally suited for kitchens that have a full stainless steel look. It’s our favourite because it a good balance between durability, ease of use, style and price.
Final Verdict

#6 Vivreal Glass Electric Kettle

Vivreal Glass Electric Kettle
Vivreal Glass Electric Kettle

If you’re looking for an electric kettle under $50, the Vivreal glass kettle is for you. Safety is a big plus point here and its won’t boil if there isn’t any water inside it tanks to it’s Boil Dry protection feature. The heating elements are hidden away and a broad spout and removable lid offers makes it very easy to clean.

Vivreal claims the materials used for making this kettle – the borosilicate glass, food grade components, chromed ABS plastic – makes it safer then your stove top, if not, better and faster also. A massive 1.7 litres ensures that there’s enough hot water for everyone’s cup of teat, coffee and hot cocoa!

Affordability is top priority at Vivreal, and guarantees each customer that their investment in this product is safe. They’ve even provided a good after sales support system too, where you simply have to dial their number in case of problems. This includes free in – warranty repairs and free replacement is the kettle is destroyed during the 2 years that the warranty covers.  


  • Price tag of $39.99, removable lid and spout filter, glass body can withstand -20 and over 200 degrees Celsius.


  • Very basic design and style, has only standard kettle features, single pot for boiling everything.
If you need and electric kettle for boiling water for use with instant foods, to cook or drink then this is choice you should go for. Other than the features that you typically find on kettles, you won’t get much else. According to online reviews, the kettle seems cheap and we’re yet to see how well it works and how long it lasts. So far, no has called in with complaints.
Final Verdict

#7 The Eco Mini Water Heater with Tank from Ecosmart

This is another home water heater appliance from Ecosmart. This heater comes with a tank and can carry up to a maximum of 2.5 gallons.  The heater is part of mini series that comprises of three other variants. It is priced at $164.47, it is a bit on the pricier side but you will be getting a lot of other advantages other than hot water.The Eco Mini Water heater with Tank from Ecosmart The Eco Mini Water heater with Tank from Ecosmart

For example, to set up the heater you simply have to install it directly over the sink. So it reduces the need to add pumps, extra lines and channels. This way you don’t have to wait for hot water to reach the kitchen from the basement below or worry about frozen pipes in the winter.

The company suggests installing their EcoSmart Heater in line with a larger storage tank or water source if you want more volume. So it adaptable to most water supply units reducing the concern about damaging the heater when installing it in a place that’s convenient for you.

Then the heater is a sleek, compact in size so you won’t be a nuisance should you install it over the sink. It also makes your kitchen look neater as well. You can even see the temperature on the digital display placed right in the front for easy viewing.

As with all their heater models and the company’s promise to their buyers, this heater is 99.8% efficient too, literally taking a chunk out of your energy bills. Next, the heater is made in the US and that means that any parts that replacing you’ll find out here. It also means that servicing will be affordable and fast


  • 5 year limited warranty on leaks and 1 year on part. Note: please read all terms and conditions given in that warranty. Compact design, quick installation, no extra pipes.


  • Doesn’t specify if it can be used the normal way, smaller design looks like it won’t withstand heavy duty use.
If you don’t wan to spend too much time looking for a water heater, but still need a good one anyway, go for the Ecosmart Mini. It also the perfect emergency purchase option, something that you can simply set up and use, no extra work required. It can be connected to larger water supplies too, so you can set up to your existing supply and use it normally. So let’s say you had a larger water heater that got damaged somehow and can’t be repaired. You searched for cheaper alternative but those were used, or expensive and you aren’t sure about extra plumbing that may be required. The Ecosmart Mini is the answer to all of these issues and doesn’t require much extra.
Final Verdict

#8 Stainless steel electric kettle from VAVA

Stainless steel electric kettle from VAVA
Stainless steel electric kettle from VAVA

This looks like your average stainless steel kettle with a solid black handle. But for $49, it’s got something else that makes it look like it’s from the future or like a mini microwave. The kettle does have a transparent portion, just behind the handle, where you can clearly see the measuring guide.

It got an LED indicator that comes one once the water starts boiling and switch off when it does. You can even remove the jug from it’s heating base since it’s cordless. It’s even keep a ‘Keep Warm’ function directly on the handle too. This contains a full button control of water heating temperatures you want and one to keep the water hot, even after it’s done boiling.

This Precise Temperature Control is just on top of the handle and consists of six different pre-set temperature settings, depending on the kind of beverage you’re making – much like your microwave. IT has a unique Boil Back function that works with a sensor to reheat the water.


  • 2.5 year warranty, temperature settings, keep warm functions, cold handle to prevent burns and avoid spoiling the Precise Temperature Control.


  • You have to register the kettle online to avail of a 2.5 year warranty.
If you drink a lot of beverages and don’t want to spend time heating and reheating water, you’ll need to make this kettle a part of your kitchen. This is also the right purchase decision for people who enjoy various hot beverages just right.
Final Verdict

#9 The 66 SOMS K6 Compact heater from Reliance

The 66 SOMS K6 Compact heater from Reliance
The 66 SOMS K6 Compact heater from Reliance

Finally, a good option for larger families, it’s been priced at $242.36 but that’s because it’s a 6 gallon tank. The brand says that the heater is a bit large and is ideally suited for installations where it will be out of the way like crawl spaces or under the counter. The outlets for receiving normal water and supplying hot water are on the sides, because its easier to install the piece this way.


  • 6 year warranty, pressure and temperature valves provided, extra spare parts provided


  • Can only be installed in certain areas of your home, too many fixtures and valves have to be installed by company personnel, extra plumbing required, magnesium zinc anode heater not compatible with softened water.
Think twice before you buy this heater and that’s only if you really need a 6 gallon heater. Installation does require extra time, plumbing and money. Luckily the company does provide someone opt install the heater, so professional service is expected and they’ve given you a 6 year warranty which means that the appliance is meant to last. Please reconsider if you live in an area with hard water as the heater is made from a material that isn’t good with water softening agents.
Final Verdict

#10 Zeppoli’s Glass Tea Kettle

Zeppoli’s Glass Tea Kettle
Zeppoli’s Glass Tea Kettle

The last entry on this list is the glass steel electric kettle from a company called Zeppoli. The company says that the kettle is made with industrial strength glass, stainless steel accents to give it a robust build. they claim that it can withstand accidents from when you accidentally drop it. It convenient too with cordless, rotational body with precise measurements. It takes 5 to 6 minutes to boil water at the maximum 1.7 litre capacity. It takes another 30 seconds for the auto shut off system to activate, prevents over boiling. The plastic filter at the spout is removable and the entire jug can be cleaned easily.


  • Easy maintenance, durable design, glass jug, auto shut off, LED indicator, cordless.


  • No new features, simple functions of heating water, only hot water or tea, no coffee
Meant for hectic kitchens that are accident zones! For kids that know how to use the kettle or wish to use one.
Final Verdict

Best Electric Water Heater 2020 Buying Guide (Things to Consider)

What we’ve listed out there is a few water heating solutions, for your home and for drinking or making your favourite beverages. As you can see, there are so many options out there and these are the ones that we found online. So, imagine what else could be waiting for you in your local appliance stores!! The real thing ultimately comes down to choosing the right solution for your home, your family and yourself – that requires keeping a few things in mind. Go through our list of what to do and what not do before you do any heavy spending.

Let’s start with the water heaters. Take the number of family members living in the same house and the amount of water they consume and then calculate the right gallon size of the tank. Begin with the first hour rating by looking at the BTU load of all appliances in your home that use hot water simultaneously. i.e. hot tub, showers, dishwashers, kitchen sink, washing machines etc.

Then look at the gallons per minute standard of the heater appliance or GPM. This indicates how many gallons of water can be filled under a minute. The less water per minute, the better or faster the heating will be.

The second factor is the size of the heating unit vs. The actual storage or installation space available in your home. The most popular water heater size is 40 gallons. You also need to keep adequate space around the unit so that you can add or remove plumbing as the case may be. A new regulation space made in 2015 increased the height and width of heaters installed in all homes, offices, hotels etc.

In other words, every new heater you buy will have to be bigger than the one you had last, so the amount of space you require will keep in increasing. You can install taller or shorter units depending on the space.

The third step is to understand how the water will be heated. This also rests on the heating system you already have. Is the current system running on oil, gas or electricity? For example, if you think gas heating is too expensive or ineffective, then you can switch over to electricity or vice versa.

The fourth step is connected to the third one and that’s how much are you looking to save on bills or energy? Think of how efficient the unit will be, because the up front costs will rise and you’ll want to get the best bargain and you don’t want an expensive unit if it isn’t going to help you save in any way. Do this by looing for an ‘Energy Star’ rating EF (Energy Factor) – the more stars it has, the more energy you’ll save. You can find this ratings on the company website or on a sticker on the unit itself.

Finally, the warranty and what it contains. Usually units this complex should have a warranty between 6 to twelve years after all it’s not like you’re going to buy a new heater every year. The unit should last you quire some time. That warranty must also cover spare parts too and the labor costs for servicing as well. Usually the first year is free and is undertaken by the installing contractor. Some companies do have extended labor, spare parts and servicing warranties. Return and refunding is only possible if any manufacturing defects is found inside the unit in the first year.

Now onto the electric kettles. You’ll notice that the same principles apply here too. Only the warranty won’t be as long as it is for water heaters. Kettles normally provide the hot water for tea, soups, coffee, oatmeal and noodles. In some cases, you may be able to cook any of those snacks or beverages inside the kettles themselves. So, that’s the first thing – how you’ll use the kettle and what you’ll be cooking inside it.

You do get full plastic kettle options, but those made from stainless steel or glass last longer and can endure greater hot or cold temperatures. If you run your own cafeteria or want o buy a kettle for office use, you’ll have to buy one with may heating options. This way you can heat water at different levels using the same kettle.

Warranty should first cover the basics, which is returns, but that’s only if you get a defective jug. There should be some kind of conditions for repairs, replacement and servicing of spare parts too. Since these kettles are much smaller in size when compared with water heaters, warranty is only applicable for a maximum of two years for high end appliances and one year for mid to lower range kettles.

Different Types of Electric Water Heaters

When it comes to water heaters for both commercial and residential use, you also have the option of choosing what type of heater you want.

This heater always includes a separate tank to hold water that’s been heated. The capacity of those tanks determines how much hot water you have on reserve. Such tanks have an insulated lining and water remains hot for some time before you use it. They have two valves: one for controlling pressure and the other, for temperature. This limits how much water you can heat and store, so if you need any extra or have run out then you have to wait for the tank to reheat and reserve again.

Or on demand water heater that have heated coils. These coils fill with water and are used immediately since there’s no extra tank to store that hot water. Such heaters heat a lot of water at a time and are meant for families that requires excess hot water at a time. Smaller tankless heaters may not be able to hold enough water for big families, so with such heaters, you always need to pick a bigger size. Its best suited for homes that use natural gas for power, but larger models do require more gas to work. Electricity will just be costly.

This heater only uses electricity to heat from the ground or air to the water. It uses 60% less power but you do need to have extra space or room above the heated where the pumps is installed, sometimes this space could exceed eight feet.

Different Functions of Electric Water Kettle

Electric Kettles have more or less the same function across types or models. Ultimately its up to capacity, durability and energy consumptions of the kettle.

Usually you’ll find a standard 1 litre size on most kettles. You can lower the amount of water you want heated just by add less water and using the measuring guides given on the kettle itself.

Most kettles with have a heating base and a plug that goes into the power sockets. What you should keep in mind that these kettles can get very hot, so look for ‘cool touch’ and ‘anti scald’ features.

Popular choices are stainless steel as they are seen as durable. Next, comes glass and finally a mix of both materials.

What's the Need of Best Electric Water Heaters in 2020

Well, honestly, you can do without the electric kettles and they are only an additional appliance. If you’re used to heating water on the stove top and find that comfortable, you won’t require kettles. You can even use a coffee maker if you like coffee.

Kettles are meant for those who love tea, noodles, instant soups, hot cocoa and other kind of hot beverages that require hot water and lots of it. Some people heat water in kettles for boiling vegetables, rice, or if they want to thaw out frozen goods.

Now water heaters on the other hand are essential, because it’s good to have a supply of hot water ready at all times. Hot water does provide better cleaning, so it’s useful with the laundry, the dishwasher and the occasional hot shower or soak.

They are particularly useful for winters when a lot of the pipes are frozen and hot water is the only things that will save you, help you to cook and bathe easily without getting sick. There is however the factors of energy consumption, installation, servicing that you have to consider.

Should You Buy a Electric Water Heater?

Families, hotels, offices and any place you go to. Cafeterias, offices use kettles to supply hot water for teas and heaters during the winters for their pantry and restrooms areas. In homes, the water heater saves the day by giving you cleaner dishes, clothes.

So if you want to save your time and have the budget then you must consider buying one of these best electric water heaters for sure.

Final Verdict

You need both appliances as your stove top will not be able to heat water for every requirement. You’ll also waste a lot of gas that way too. These appliances provide hot water quickly and only when you need it. Each homes will have their own set of rules about how to use the heaters. Saving money, time and energy is critical, so choosing appliances that suit each family members needs.

If you like our article on Best Electric Water Heater 2020, then consider sharing it with your near and dear ones if they are in need of buying one. If you have any models that you think we should add in this list, then let us know in the comments box below, we may add it here after reviewing and testing.


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