Ultimate Guide to Start a Fire Without Matches While Camping

Let’s start by hoping you never face a situation when you are out there in the wild while relaxing in one of the best camping tables out there and have to build a fire and suddenly you realize that you are out of any means which would build you a quick fire. But, nothing is certain. Am I Right? Just like the prices of stock in the share market, our life may also present us any point of time which is out of our grasp. The best thing to do is know in advance what ought to be done if you ever happen to face such a situation. Though, it is necessary to double check if you have kept a few mediums of lighting a fire before leaving for trekking or camping.

It may happen that you run out of any of such medium which may help you to light a fire. For example, if you come in contact with heavy winds and storms, your matchsticks or lighter may not work as they would get wet. For the same, we have carefully gathered a number of alternatives which would come handy to start a fire without matches even if you face any such or related situation.

10 Best Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches with Ease

We will enlighten you with as much as 10 ways using which you will be able to start a fire without matches/lighters when needed. We have carefully curated only the best ways which we’ve practically tested in our own camping adventures. We are hoping that you will like our efforts in this article. 

Flint and Fire can be a Source of Lighting Fire

To use this method, you need to first gather a few dried materials from the surroundings around you. It will attract fire soon the moment it comes in contact with it. If you can find a flint around you, it’s fair enough as you may rub it against any steel material you have available with you. For an instance, you can even buy a starter pack of flint and steel which would be available in an outdoor store. For an easy alternative, you may use a pocket knife and a hard rock and make fire out of it by striking the knife against the rock. Doing so will create a spark which would set your dried material with fire.

You can even use a Magnifying Glass to Start a Fire

Do you not have the mentioned materials with you, but have a magnifying glass available in your backpack. Gathering some tinder never goes in vain as it is a very important material which helps you in starting a fire. For an alternative, any form of glass such as your eyewear, camera etc. can be used. All you need to do is, direct the sun’s rays onto the tinder you have. This would have heat from the sun rays and the glass, create smoke initially, continued by fire.

Use of Friction is a Great Alternative

Here, we are referring to the ancient methods of building fire, which is the bow drill method. In a bow drill, there are 5 items namely bearing block or handhold, a spindle or drill, a hearth or fireboard and a simple bow, the fifth part, however, is mainly some kind of flat board. It is placed under the fireboard which would catch hold of the wood dust and forms coal out of it.

Did you know you can even use a Flashlight to Start a Fire?

Start by taking your flashlight. Place the tinder just in the middle, i.e. where the bulb goes. There is a reflective material which would direct the sun’s rays toward the tinder directly and help it catch fire. For a detailed explanation, you can refer to the internet before you carry on this method.

Do you have an Electric Charge? It comes Handy as well

Let's start by stating if this method is safe, as it contains an electric charge to start a fire. Yes, it is a bit risky if you do it without complete knowledge. In this method, you usually derive the battery of any vehicle you have and try lighting fire with the help of the electric wires it has. Don’t just carry on this method, go in depth on the internet before you try this method out.

A Water Bottle can also Help you Start a Fire

This method is just as similar to the magnifying glass method. The variance here is, that you will use a water bottle and a sheet of paper rather than glasses. You have to carry on the same procedure, i.e. you need to reflect the rays of the sun onto the paper and try and create fire out of it.

Availability of Steel Wool and Fire also Comes Handy

Here, you will need steel wool along with a 3-volt of the battery which should be large enough. All you have to do is, rub the top of the battery against the steel wool to create energy in the form of fire. You have to keep on rubbing the wool on the battery till you find flames on the steel wool. Upon coming in contact with fire, the steel wool will turn into a little ball of flame.

Got an Empty Lighter? It can Help you too

If your lighter has run out of sufficient gas which is essential to light it up, don’t worry. An empty lighter can help you too. Remove the metal head surrounding the gas port and use the lighter as a spark thrower to help light your tinder.

You can make a new Lighter with a Gum Wrapper and a Battery

If you have a chewing gum wrapper and an AA battery with you, put together you can make a new lighter which would do your work of lighting a fire. The electricity from the battery will pass onto the wrapper which is a medium and turns the energy into the fire. It can then light up your tinder or any other flammable substance you have managed to secure with you.

Some form of Chemicals Help as Well

There are as well different types of chemical experiments if you manage to remember any back from your chemistry classes. If none of the above-mentioned methods works for you, you may go for the alternative of using chemicals in order to make yourself a fire. You may refer to youtube videos which have explanations in dept which would tell you the procedure as well as its merits and demerits along with the safety.

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Fire being the extreme lifesaver when you are in the wild, can be lighted in many ways you should be aware of. Hope you never happen to face any such deadly situation but, knowing the measures to light yourself a fire without matches in any circumstance is far better. 

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