9 Best Camping Tips for Beginner Trekkers (Outdoor Guides)

Best Camping Tips: Camping is a fun thing to do and most of us want to become happy campers. If you are new to camping then you need to know a few things before starting. These are going to be exciting and will surely enthrall you to go for more. Your first ever camping experience will remain special to you always. You will surely cherish that experience every time you go while relaxing in one of the best camping tables we have already recommended you. Being a starter, you may overdo things or sometimes forget a few things that are essential. That is why this article will tell you about things you should do before going to a camp. These camping tips will give you a guideline to make your first ever camp the best one.

Best Camping Tips for Newbie Trekkers in 2019

Who doesn’t love camping? Everyone does right? Well, your camping days can give you troubles if you are not well prepared. That’s why we have mentioned some of the best camping tips for beginners. These basic camping tips are quite apt in 2019, and if you follow these then no one can stop you from enjoying the best camping experience possible.

Make a Checklist

Checklists are exciting and help you remember all the things that you like to carry. This will make you a smart camper. Take a notepad and make a list of things you are likely to take for the camp. Things like tents, packed foods, camping grills, backpacks, water bottles, caps, clothes, torches and more. Keep things organized, use this checklist when you pack for the camp. Always remember to update the list whenever required, that adds things that you definitely need and remove the ones that you wouldn't use. Start making checklists a week before the camp date so that you can buy the necessary things.

Know Your Gears

You gear for a camp and this will include tents, camp grills, lanterns etc. It is important that you practice setting up a tent before the camp day. You can start practicing in your backyard. Check if your camp grills and lanterns are in good working conditions. Your camp will be ruined if something goes off in the last minute. So you must have a backup plan ready. Make sure you don't carry too much luggage too, that will make you exhausted.

Pick the Right Tent Size

Usually, new campers face the problem of crowded tents. Pick up the right tent size according to the members. As you are new to camping it is recommended that you go in a car. This will reduce the burden of carrying a lot of things. In case you live backpacking, you need to look after the weight. Big tents can be heavier so make the right arrangements to carry them for camping. Select the size that is bigger than the number of people accompanying. That is, if there are 2 members, you can get a tent made for four people. This will be more spacious and convenient for all of you.

Take Extra Clothes

Camping usually is done after trekking or fishing or traveling. These activities are enthralling at the same time, they can make your clothes dirty. So it is very important to carry extra clothes. For beachside camping, you need to carry swimsuits and also carry raincoats for safety. Sweaters, jackets, extra shoes also become necessary. Camping is a great way to relax with your friends or family. Hence, ensure that you select a place where the weather is pleasant and enjoyable.

Selecting Right Amount of Foods

Planning your meal is a big part of the preparation. The first thing to do is to avoid packing munchies and packed snacks. Cooking at campsites can add more excitement and fun. So get to the grocery store before a day and buy the essential things. Make a list of recipes that can be suitable for cooking on camp grills. Take a gas cylinder if you want or just cook over the campfire. Carry a food basket so that your ingredients don't get perished.

Select a Campground Nearby

Selecting a campground that is far away from home will end up on a long journey. This will bore you in the first place and your first camping experience will be a mess. Search and find a campground that is just a few miles away from home. You can easily reach there on time and will spend quality time with your fellow campers. This is the best way to camping if you are a beginner.

Follow the Rules of Campgrounds

Campgrounds do have some simple rules that you need to follow. A good campsite will invite several other groups of campers too. That is why it becomes essential for you to stay within your space. A group of noisy campers will ruin their privacy. Also, stay within your space, don't walk into someone else's camp. Have fun with your friends and family but never overdo it.

Reach Early

Now that you are all set to go to a camp, it is good that you start early from home. When you arrive early you will have ample time to look around and learn the rules of the campsite. Make sure you camp in daylight for the first time. That is a great way of starting your first camp. You will have enough time to make the tent and organize the camp of you to reach early.

Clean Completely Before you Leave

Once you are done camping, its time for packing. Beginners tend to rush this step and leave things unorganized. All you need to do is pack up step by step. First, clear all the food and put off the fire. Carry trash bags and collect all the tissue papers, plates, and cups. Then make sure you pack them in your truck or backpack. Before you leave, look around the place if you have left something behind. Finally, drive home safe.

List of Things to Carry While Camping (Checklist for 2019)

Here is a quick list that will assist beginners with the necessary things to carry.

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