How to Choose Best Hiking Sandals in 2020 (Detailed Guide)

When you think of hiking, you could clearly visualize the images of the heavy backpacks, hiking shoes and energy bars to eat. But, a massive twist has been made in this industry recently. The sturdy hiking shoes are getting replaced by more lighter and breathable hiking sandals. Hiking sandals are definitely not the right one for all the outdoor enthusiasts. Nevertheless, it is definitely a more suitable alternative, especially in summer hiking. It is extremely lightweight and extremely convenient to the new hikers.

Hiking Sandals: What Makes them Special

Hiking sandals are extremely comfortable compared to that of the hiking boots. Hiking sandals are truly a friend to all the hikers and offer so many benefits. The few significant things we especially appreciate about hiking sandals are mentioned underneath.

We need not worry about walking on the creeks during the trekking. The hiking sandals could dry off pretty quickly and put you at ease. While using hiking shoes, either you need to take the shoes off while walking on the stream or would end up with the shoes drenched in water. Either way, it is extremely uncomfortable.

If you use hiking boots, the feet could become all sweaty while hiking during the summer. This would make the entire hiking experience uncomfortable. You wouldn’t end up with the irritating sweaty feel while using hiking sandals. This is a boon for hiking in the summer.

Walking in the shoes with the swelling feet is, in fact, a terrible pain. You won’t be able to enjoy the trekking and would end up being extremely uncomfortable. Hiking sandals will allow your feet breathe happily and put you at ease.

The hiking sandals weighs less and could make the packing extremely light as well. You wouldn’t feel any excess weight on your feet and make you feel extremely comfortable.

The strenuous hikes could result in blisters when you use hiking shoes. The blisters could be prevented to a significant extent by using hiking sandals.

Hiking Sandals: Are they Safe

The hiking boots are relatively safer and could protect the ankles from any sprains, twists or strains. They will cover up the entire feet and offer quite a robust protection from any debris in the trail. On the other hand, you won’t get good ankle support when you use hiking sandals. You will lose ankle protection significantly as well. Hence, it is a general belief that the hiking sandals shouldn’t be used for long on strenuous hikes. But that’s not completely precise. Unless and until you are accident prone, you can use hiking sandals without any issues. The other thing to be concerned about is whether there would be any snake or any other venomous insects in the trail. Since the feet might be exposed, it’s better not to use hiking sandals in such trails. You should definitely go for hiking boots.

Things to Consider Before Buying Hiking Sandals

The bestselling brand might not really work out for your feet. Don’t rely on the word of mouth alone while considering the purchase. If your feet don’t feel comfortable, it will make the purchase futile. Therefore, it is extremely essential for you to comprehend the things to check before you make the purchase decision. Let’s see a few of the vital things to be considered while purchasing the hiking sandals.

Hiking Sandals: What are the Odds

Hiking sandals cannot be used throughout the year. It could be used only during the summer seasons. You might freeze to death if you wear this when it is snowing. If you are more prone to accidents, then you could end up hurting your toes. Also, your feet might get dirty by the end of long hikes. It would definitely call for a pedicure at home.

Final Few Words
Hiking Sandals have become pretty popular in recent years and there are numerous reputed brands available in the market. Sufficient research is necessary before making the purchase. Be sure to purchase the appropriate one which keeps you comfortable. Hiking sandals is a must have for all the hikers. Why wait? Go and buy your own hiking sandals for your upcoming summer hiking.

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