Best Wool Blankets for Camping 2020: Top Products Reviewed & Listed

Camping becomes really enjoyable in a cool and pleasant climate. At the same time, the nights at a campsite amidst inclement weather conditions might give you a tough time. You must have the necessary camping gears to comfort your stay at the chilly heights. While sleeping bags are a great solution for wrapping you up in a layer of warmth, adding the best wool blankets for camping definitely makes it greater.

After a day packed with outdoor adventures, you won’t by any means want to compromise on your night’s sleep. By furling a good-quality wool blanket around yourself you can stay warm and toasty through freezing overnights.

There are also other types of warm blankets for camping, like the ones of synthetic construction or fleece blankets. Fleece blankets claim a thumbs up for being lightweight and easy to carry. On the contrary, wool provides the best natural insulation and hence makes the warmest blankets for camping.

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In this article, we have curated the top 10 best wool blankets for camping. Of these, our winning product is,“Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket Made in Peru. Made of 100% pure virgin wool, it prevents you from shivering even in critically low temperature areas.

Before we delve into our in-depth analysis of the best wool blankets for camping of 2020, we have prepared a comparative study of the top 3 products. The comparison table below will give you a glimpse into the fundamentals of wool blankets before you start shopping. Let’s take a look:

Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket

Best Wool Blankets

  • 100% Wool (pure virgin wool)
  • size: 23.5 x 18 x 6 inches
  • 5.5 Pounds Weight
Easy to Carry
Wolly Mammoth Extra Large Merino Wool Camp Blanket

Best Wool Blankets Review

  • 80% premium virgin Merino wool
  • 66" inches x 90" inches
  • 4 Pounds
Bodhiartistry Extra Soft Cashmere Wool Blanket Made in Nepal

best Cashmere Wool Blanket

  • 70% Cashmere & 30% Lamb Wool
  • 56" x 102" inches
  • 1.36 pounds

Why to Use a Wool Blanket While Camping?

Cold overnights are the toughest slots in your camping schedule. Managing to stay warm and cozy in inclement temperature and getting a good sleep at night isn’t easy. Sleeping bags offer good insulation but can barely beat the warming capacity of wool blankets.

Because of their exclusive fiber construction, the heat retention capacity of best wool blankets for camping is exceptional. If you have known how unpleasant it feels to shudder through sleepless nights at the campsite, the next time you must try a wool blanket. Yes, it is going to change your experience completely!

The merits don’t end here. There is more to add to the beneficial qualities of wool blankets for camping. Besides its unparalleled potential of retaining warmth, it’s also extremely breathable, odor-resistant and moisture-wicking. Together, these features make wool blankets your super-friendly camping gear, suitable for all environmental conditions.

So, if you’re camping outdoors in wintry surroundings, a wool blanket becomes a utilitarian addition to your go-to camp necessity list.

Best Wool Blankets for Camping of 2020 to Carry in the Wild

To make your shopping experience smooth and easy, we have shortlisted the top ten best wool blankets for camping, in terms of product quality, insulation capacity and reasonable pricing. 

Check out our in-depth reviews so that you have enough information to invest carefully and confidently in your precious possession:


  • 90% wool construction
  • Thick and heavy duty
  •  Soft and non-itchy on the skin
  • Suitable for a long lasting use
  • Contains no fire retardant chemical
  • Fine finishing on edges to prevent fraying

Extra warmth for a comfortable sleep at chilly outdoor nights: Wool features an excellent warmth to weight ratio and provides the best natural insulation. It helps to regulate your body temperature and retains thermal warmth even in wet conditions.

best wool blankets for camping
Extra Soft Cashmere Wool Blanket

Fire resistant, without any fire retardant: Some wool blankets contain fire flame retardant chemicals despite wool being a naturally fire resistant material. The fabric of this premium quality product is free from any such undesirable chemical. 

So, sleep in peace knowing that this blanket is to create only warmth and no harm.



Verdict: Looking for a blanket that protects you from the severe chill during your outdoor nights? This wool blanket with superior insulation capability makes your perfect go-to camp companion.


  • 100% virgin wool
  • Featuring earth tone stripes in brown, gray colors
  • An exotic blend of Alpaca and Merino Wool
  • Queen size – 72 x 88 inches, weight 5.5 lbs
  • Double stitched finishing at the edges
  • Washable as well as dry-cleanable
  • Made in Peru

A rarity of 100% virgin wool that exudes inimitable comfort: 100% lamb wool or virgin wool goes into the making of this thick, ultra-soft, tightly woven blanket. An exotic fusion of 50% Merino and 50% Alpaca wool results in its ultra-softness. Since the pure wool is sourced from lambs raised in extreme elevations of the Andes Mountains, the material is resistant to extreme climatic conditions.

Desert Breeze Wool Blanket

A blanket that lasts several winters: The super-warming virgin wool blanket is exclusively spun, woven, and finished for sustaining a long lasting use. To ensure greater durability, the manufacturers have applied polyester binding with double stitching on the edges to prevent fraying. 

The heavy duty blanket is fit for washing and can be dry cleaned as well. So, you can clean and maintain it in whichever method is convenient for you.



Verdict: The classic combination of Merino and Alpaca wool render a touch of rarity to this blanket. If you are planning to set up your camp at high elevation points, consider including this pure wool blanket in your camping essentials.


  •  Woven with premium virgin Merino wool
  • Great multi-purpose wool blanket
  • Weighs approximately 4 lbs.
  • 66″ inches x 90″ inches
  • Meticulous finishing for an enhanced longevity
  • Self-cleaning Merino wool

Premium quality Merino Wool Blanket for withstanding years of use: The weaving process indulges no recycling of wool, as it uses 80% premium virgin Merino wool. 

The rest 20% contains nylon/polyester blend, which gives it additional strength and durability. It has a meticulous milled finish featuring inter-fiber felting and fabric consolidation to enhance its density.

You find the edging to have a double stitch with a strong polyester thread. This is to reinforce the stitches at the edges, so that they don’t wear out even after repeated use. 

The premium quality wool, the thickness or density of the blanket and the stitching precision ensure its long term durability.

Woolly Mammoth Woolen Co Wool Blanket

Goodbye messy cleaning: Self-cleaning Merino wool gives you no reason to worry about its washing and cleaning. Merino contains self-cleaning properties. 

Hence, you can spare yourself the hassle of a messy blanket cleaning procedure. All you need to do is some occasional spot cleaning with a damp cloth at required areas.

Multi Use Blanket fit for a wide range of outdoor activities: When you need an extra layer of insulation in extreme subzero surroundings, this Woolly Mammoth premium wool blanket has you covered. Useful for a range of outdoor activities, it makes an ideal inclusion in your outdoor gear collection.

Be it for camping, hiking, stargazing or backpacking, this portable wool blanket becomes your reliable companion in cold weather. 

You can also stow it away in the loft of your house or in the trunk of your car as a utility blanket or emergency protective kit.



Verdict: Featuring premium virgin Merino wool construction, this Woolly Mammoth blanket genuinely makes a valuable addition to your backpacking paraphernalia.


  • Loom-woven and hemmed on all sides
  • Not prone to shedding lint
  • Composed of 80 % wool and 20% hypoallergenic synthetic fibers
  • Naturally fire retardant, without the application of any chemical
  • Large size (64″ x 88″) – plenty of coverage space
  • Washable; gets softer after every wash

Extra Large 64″ X 88″ size creates extra comfort: The Arcturus Essential Wool Blanket allows you ample space to grab a friend and feel comfy. Being 64″ X 88″, it is just the right size to carry with you to open outdoors or tents. 

It is neither too bulky nor very close-fitting. The blanket is roomy enough to accommodate two people cozily.

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

Stay warm, even when wet: Wool possesses the exceptional quality of being able to retain heat even in wet condition. So, you are always safe with wool blankets for outdoor overnights. Be it under any environmental condition, moist, wet or cold, the warmth it provides makes you feel at home.



Verdict: Your search for best wool blankets for camping which will be real value for money is likely to end with this rugged, refined and roomy wool blanket.


  • Pure virgin wool
  • Twin measures 66” x 90”, Full measures 80” x 90” and the Queen measures 90” x 90”
  • Dry clean
  • Made in USA
  • Dense material for a good insulation
  • Fabric is soft on the skin

Virgin wool woven with care: The Glacier National Park blanket is woven exclusively in Pacific Northwest Mills. Pure virgin wool is used in its construction. Brushing it creates a softer and thicker feel.

review of best wool blankets
Pendleton Glacier National Park Wool Blanket

Dry Clean only, Brush Regularly: The blanket is suitable for dry cleaning. Machine washing is not recommended. You can observe the most wonderful effects by brushing it regularly with a nylon brush. Regular brushing helps in maintaining the blanket in a good form for a long time.



Verdict: Made of pure virgin wool, this Glacier National Park blanket is one of the best wool blankets for camping in all seasons.


  • Weighs roughly 3 pounds
  • Size: 58″x 78.5″
  • A classic blend of 20% wool 80% polyester
  • Great for multipurpose use
  • Available in a range of colors and patterns
  • Suitable for machine wash in cold water, or dry clean

Make your pick from a wide array of colors and designs: You can check out a delightful collection of this RUTH&BOAZ Outdoor Wool Blend Blanket. There are different patterns and designs featuring a wide spectrum of colors. 

So, you can choose according to your specific purpose or occasion. The vivid and beautiful designs reflect the impression of the ancient art and culture of the tribes of southwest America.

RUTH&BOAZ Outdoor Wool Blend Blanket

An awesome all-rounder: This wool blanket is eligible to be a highly dependent comforter in different places for varied purposes. You can use it in wintry seasons at home, for outdoor camping, tents and mountain cabins, beaches, or even in the evenings by the fire.



Verdict: Available in a variety of colors and patterns, this wool blanket matches your specific requirements for several adventurous events.


  • 85% Polyester/15% Wool
  • Blended Wool Construction – with Whipstitch edging
  • Dimensions: 80″L x 60″W
  • A classic bedding accessory to accentuate the look of your home
  • Can be reversed to Red or Green Plaid sides
  • Machine washable for easy care

A perfect blanket for cold winter nights, both indoors and outdoors: Constructed with a fine wool blend, this wool blanket is super-soft and capable of enduring a rigorous use. It is large and spacious enough to work as a snug wraparound in cold winter nights. 

You can carry it outdoors for tent-camps and hiking at high elevations. It prevents the chilly wind from shaking you up in extreme conditions.

Eddie Bauer Ridgeline Lodge Reversible Wool Blanket

Premium quality blanket rendering both style and comfort: The Ridgeline Lodge Oversized Throw Blanket from Eddie Bauer features a unique combination of both style and comfort. Crafted with high quality materials, it enhances the comfort quotient in cold weather. 

The stately, gorgeous look of this cozy throw accentuates the beauty of your home or campsite tent.



Verdict: A gorgeous combination of style and comfort, this oversized cozy throw blanket is surely one of the best wool blankets for camping. Go for it, as it’s worth your money.


  • Hand Sewn White Crosses on each end
  • 60″ x 84″
  • Extra Heavy Weight – Almost 6 pounds!!!
  • Chestnut Brown – Shades of Brown my vary slightly
  • 70% Wool Blend – Dry Clean Only

Hand sewn with extra care for a long term lasting: Hand woven with 70% premium quality wool, this military wool blanket makes a valuable winter accessory. Exclusive hand sewn material delivers a long lasting performance.

best wool blankets
Extra Heavy Duty Swiss Army Military Wool Blanket

Heavyweight blanket for enhanced warmth and comfort: The blanket is fairly heavyweight which makes it effectively warmer than a lot of flimsy lightweight blankets in the market. 

On freezing nights, you are going to thank this blanket for keeping you snug and toasty in a wrap of warmth.



Verdict: Whenever you need an unbeatable layer of insulation in bone-chilling weather, this heavyweight wool blanket gives you a real treat. Purchasing it will get you a precious possession.


  •  Soft and warm Cashmere blanket
  • Features a classic herringbone pattern
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Conveniently sized at 56″ x 102″ (inches)
  • Multipurpose throw blanket for indoor and outdoor use
  • Crafted by local artisan of Nepal

A classic nicety of the natural wool of the Himalayan Goat: This luxurious cashmere wool blend throw blanket flaunts a classic herringbone design. It is hand woven with extra care and love by the local artisan of Nepal. 

The natural wool originally belongs to the underbelly of the Himalayan goat (Capra Hircus) reared at a high altitude of 14000 feet above sea level. 

This blanket is comfortably sized to effectively function as a snug wraparound in extreme low temperatures.

best wool blankets for camping
Extra Soft Cashmere Wool Blanket

White and grey color tone renders a level of sophistication: The oriental cashmere wool blanket features a neutral tone of grey and white hues, rendering a subtle elegance to its look. It seamlessly complements the beauty of almost any home decor.



Verdict: The exotic look and Himalayan wool construction make this Cashmere blanket distinct and special. You can have this chic, multipurpose, cozy throw blanket for housewarming purposes as well as for outdoor holidays. Great product and is worth the buy!


  • 86% Wool/14%cotton
  • Made in USA
  • Twin Size: 66 in. x 84 in.
  • 86 percent Wool/14 percent cotton
  • Includes leather carrier with Pendleton logo
  • Whipstitch binding
  • Dry Clean only
  • Made in USA – Pendleton Woolen Mills

Rugged and tough blanket providing outstanding warmth: Rugged and robust, this blanket excels in providing years of warmth and comfort. It effectively takes the chill off in cold and wet seasons in the dour backcountry, icy mountains and in wild nature. 

The robust construction makes it a perfect gear for every event from outdoor camping to sleeping on a lounger in your patio.

best wool blanket reviews
Pendleton Twin Wool Camp Blanket

Vintage Style: The Pendleton Yakima Mineral Umber Camp Blanket sports a vintage style which complements both rustic and contemporary settings, whether you are at home or at a campsite.



Verdict: Want to get a tough blanket that can serve for your lifetime camping schedule? This ruggedly styled blanket is an ideal match for your needs. You can trust the quality and it is going to last for decades.

Best Wool Blankets for Camping 2020 Buying Guide (Things to Consider)

How do you know which is the best outdoor wool blanket for your camping purposes? Here you go with the things to consider while buying the best wool blankets for camping 2020:

Types of Wool Blankets: When you start planning to buy a wool blanket, the first thing you need to decide is what type of wool you want it to be made of. The level of insulation depends hugely on the type of wool. 

So, selecting the right type of wool is a critical factor you should focus on while buying a blanket. Since the main functionality of the blanket is reliant on the type of wool, it naturally affects other allied factors – the price and quality.

Getting a basic idea of the different types of wool blankets will help you make the right choice. Follow the details below to select a blanket that fits best for your purposes:

  • Sheep Wool Blankets – It is a very commonly used material in the making of blankets all over the world. There are various types of sheep around the planet; accordingly the properties and qualities of the blankets do vary.
  • Virgin wool or Lamb’s wool Blankets – A kind of wool very rarely available, lambs’ wool is the product of a lamb’s first sheering. This is why it is also referred to as “virgin wool“. It is a special category of wool, as it is only occasionally available, once in every lamb’s lifetime.
  • Cashmere Wool Blankets – Obtained from the Cashmere goat, this sort of wool is exceptionally soft. It is very popularly used in making a variety of blankets.
  • Merino Wool Blankets – Lighter and softer than the Cashmere wool is the Merino wool blanket. Merino is one of the finest wools in the world and its history is rooted in ancient times. It was popular as gifts amongst royal families. This wool is exported from Australia and New Zealand, famous for their indigenous Merino sheep. A specialty in fine wool, Merino wool is limited in supply across the world.
  • Alpaca Wool Blankets – Alpaca wool is a fancy and plush material used for constructing soft, silky and heavy duty blankets that can last for numerous winters.

Portability: Planning to buy a wool blanket that you can carry along easily on your hiking trips? The key feature to look for is its packaging space. Portability plays a crucial factor for high altitude hikers and backpackers compared to those who go camping by cars.

To ensure greater portability, you need to take note of the packing dimensions of the product. The more easily foldable it is, the better it suits for your backpacking trips.

Remember, if it doesn’t fit in your luggage with other camping kits, it will be a futile purchase for your trip. To avoid such disappointment, it is imperative that you check the packing dimensions beforehand. 

Nowadays, the best wool hiking blankets for camping come with a convenient stuff sack to enable a quick and easy packing. A blanket that occupies minimal packaging volume inside your rucksack will be the best thing you can carry to a nippy campsite.

Size: From single-person rectangular design to square family blankets, wool blankets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. So, when you start shopping, you first need to set your intentions of use. 

Depending on your purposes of use, you can fix on a particular shape and size.

Suppose you know that for covering you up, a single-person rectangular one will suffice. But, it won’t leave you with any excess cloth at the ends to make a complete wraparound blanket. In that case, you can take a bigger one to buy yourself some extra coziness.

On the other hand, you can choose a big, multi-person square blanket to nestle with your spouse or children. But picking a bigger one might not always work as a better option. 

Especially if you go camping alone and put up at a single person tent, a large wool blanket will be a misfit for the occasion. You are likely to find it engulfing most of the space around you, ending up being more inconvenient than comfortable.

So once you decide on how much blanket coverage you want, you can pick a suitable size for your needs.   

Weight: Much like the size and portability, weight works as another key factor while choosing an outdoor wool blanket. If you are a hiker, you would obviously want a lightweight blanket that is easy to carry on the go. 

Having said this, it is not always wise to make ‘light weight’ your highest priority. Different factors like material, density and size determine the weight of a blanket. Hence, for some products, weight can also indicate the insulation quality of the fabric.

The best part is, top trending manufacturers are leveraging the latest technology to meet your camping needs. They are constantly evolving with new materials and techniques to deliver products that are lighter, warmer and durable. So, you no longer need to sacrifice warmth for portability and vice versa.

Pricing: You will find all sorts of wool blankets for camping at varying prices. From the dear, deluxe to the effective, economy ones; there’s a treat for every budget. 

That leaves you with a free hand to settle on a price as per your budget. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend on a blanket, you can sort or filter the price limit. Doing this will help you shortlist your options before you start shopping.

However, we advise you to definitely go by your budget plans, but, without compromising on your comfort. Always keep in mind that a good quality wool blanket is like an asset that is worth investing in. 

It is absolutely fine if you intend to get a cheaper one that would serve a particular camping trip. But, if you would like to own a heavy-duty blanket providing maximum warmth, be ready to pay for the quality.

Percentage of Wool: Wool is the best natural insulator material. So, when you choose to buy a wool blanket, you happen to choose the best blanket for winter camping. 

However, as a matter of fact, most wool blankets these days are not 100% wool. The crafting materials are mostly an exotic blend of wool and synthetic or polyester fabric.

The combination of wool with different types of fabric results in different features of the blankets. So, whatever fabric you choose for the blend, you must be sure on one point about your camping blanket. 

The material must be moisture-wicking and water-repellant.  The last thing you will desire on your camping trips is to deal with a damp and sodden blanket. So, you cannot compromise on these two features while investing in an outdoor wool blanket.

Washing and Maintenance: It goes without saying that the blanket you carry on a camping trip will collect a layer of dirt on itself. To wash off all those mud, muck, sweat and dust, a machine wash is always convenient. 

Not all wool blankets can endure machine wash. Some are only fit for dry cleaning. However, it’s not worth the hassle when machine washable blankets offer a way easier alternative. Just put it into the washer with a mild liquid soap after your trip is over for easy cleansing!

So, pick a machine washable blanket to opt for the most convenient mode of cleaning and maintenance. Machine washing is also a cost-effective alternative to dry cleaning a wool blanket. 

However, bleaching effects can be damaging for your wool blanket. Do not use bleach or enzyme.

Itching Factor: Many of us foster this notion that woolen materials are often itchy on the skin. You too might have so far refrained from buying woolen blankets considering the itching factor. 

If it is so, you’ll be delighted to know that it’s not essentially true.  It all depends on the type and quality of fabric. If you look for quality and invest in a proper wool blanket, it’ll be far from being itchy. Quality wool blankets are soft and snug, providing you with a perfect thermal layer.

Wool Blankets Self Care and Maintenance Tips

The ‘wash, care and maintenance’ part is a matter of concern for big and heavy materials like blankets. If you are carrying your blanket on outdoor camping, it is normal to get it soiled.

For washing all kinds of dirt off your wool blanket, it is advisable to go for a machine wash. As not all wool blankets are machine washable, we recommend that you buy one that is.

Machine washing is a lot more hassle-free option than getting a wool blanket dry-cleaned. You can simply get rid of the mud, dust, sweat, food crumbs that have started dwelling on the fabric by tucking it into the washer. 

Enjoy easy washing and cleaning at a low maintenance cost by opting for a machine-washable wool blanket.

Try using a mild liquid soap while washing. Using wool wash is also a good option. However, do not apply bleach or enzymes.

Wool vs. Synthetic fabric: What Should You Pick?

In extreme (low) temperatures, nothing works better than wool to keep you warm.

Synthetics are mostly made of a polyester blend. Some synthetic fabrics are constantly upgrading to compete well with woolen ones. These are exclusively formulated to feel ultra-soft against your skin. 

While some are good for moisture wicking, others provide great insulation. Synthetic fabric material becomes wet and soggy easily. However they are quick to dry.

Wool being the best natural insulator material, is still esteemed as a rarity. Wool naturally adapts to different temperatures, preventing the environmental impact of water, moisture and bone-chilling climate.

If you want the warmest blankets for comforting your outdoor nights in subzero temperatures, there’s nothing warmer than wool.

Wool blankets and Fleece blankets: What are the Differences?

While searching warm blankets for camping, you come across a thousand options. Many buyers reach a point of confusion while choosing between wool and fleece. 

Best Wool blankets for camping beat the heat retention capacity of any other fabric type. On the other side, the low price of fleece blankets are likely to tempt you!

So, which one to go for? Fleece or wool? Well, both have their unique features. But if you want to experience the best of comfort at the campsite devoid of any hurdles, a wool blanket is your thing.

Fleece blankets are usually made of synthetic polyester for keeping you warm. The fabric being moisture resistant will keep you dry as well. However, the best part of carrying fleece blankets is, these are lightweight and long lasting.

Now, talking of pure wool, it is the warmest natural material. Wool traps warm air between its fibers and keeps you warm and toasty even in the freezing cold. This air trapping mechanism provides you with the optimum level of insulation.

Apart from superior insulation, wool has also a number of additional advantages. It is resistant to odor, water and moisture, and thus protects you from cold and dampness in all environmental conditions. 

These additional features make wool blankets the most reliable option for a camping blanket.

Wool blankets are expensive while fleece is almost half the price of wool. If only you keep comfort and quality above everything, wool blankets match your order.

Best Wool Blankets for Camping FAQs

For cold overnights in the backcountry, wool blankets are the best choice to stay warm. Wool is famous for its extraordinary natural insulation quality.


If you go camping in subzero temperature areas, you can carry a wool blanket to ensure a good night’s sleep. Wool being moisture wicking in nature, it prevents any kind of moistness or dampness on your skin.


It can retain 30% of its weight before you start feeling wet. Thus, a wool blanket is your perfect companion for wet-weather camping as well.

Blankets which are thick, like cotton fleece blankets and wool blankets are the warmest. The fibers of wool are disposed to trap the air in between and retain it.


This mechanism works to keep you warmer throughout freezing nights in the tent. Fleece is also a good insulator, and synthetic blends used to create simulated wool do compete with pure wool standards.


But when it comes to protecting you from the chilly winds of frozen heights, nothing can stand up to the insulation capacity of pure wool.

Wool is the warmest natural material. Wool traps warm air between its fibers and keeps you warm and toasty even in the freezing cold. This air trapping mechanism provides you with the optimum level of insulation.

Wool being flame resistant by nature, it provides a greater fire safety than other materials like synthetic, fleece or down. Moreover, wool does not melt, drip or stick to the skin even if it catches fire accidentally.

Yes, most wool blankets are washable. You need to follow the washing instructions and accordingly go for a machine wash or a dry cleaning.


Machine washing is a more convenient cleaning and maintenance option in terms of the procedure and the cost.


So, it is wise to check the washing instructions before buying a blanket and opt for a machine washable one.

The unique insulation capability and weather resistant attributes of wool blankets make it an asset for your lifelong camping plans. 

At certain altitudes or low temperature regions, a wool blanket with high insulation potential becomes an indispensable camping gear.

It is true that fleece and other synthetic blankets are much cheaper while wool belongs to a higher price range. But once you get the feel of its exceptional warmth, there’s no looking back in search of comfort on your camping days.

Our reviews of the top ten best wool blankets for camping 2020 will help you invest in the right wool blanket that best suits your backpacking requirements.

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