Best Baitcaster Combos 2020: Top Products Reviewed and Listed

Baitcaster Combo is the best option if you are looking for a great fishing experience. If you are a new angler then you might prefer the spinning reels. The best baitcaster combos, on the other hand, are great options to go fishing with accuracy. This is also fast and has a lot of features to catch hold of heavy fish.

So if you are thinking of buying a baitcaster combo then there are plenty of options available. When you start searching for the best baitcaster combos 2020, you may be carried away with various styles and manufacturers. The best baitcaster is the one that is the most accurate. This is versatile and comes with great utility. It is designed for easy controlling and casting. It is designed to give a smoothness while you go fishing. Also, it comes in various sizes and shapes which can give you the best fishing experience.

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In a Hurry,

If you are in short of time, then you can check out PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod, as we think this is one of  the best baitcaster combos of 2020.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo

Best Baitcaster Combos 2020

  • Rod features 35% more graphite, so it’s lightweight
  • Extra strength and is quite sensitive to the lightest strike
  • Great for Beginners
Budget Friendly
mouhike Telescopic Fishing Pole Combo Set

Top Baitcaster Combo

  • Provides Fishing Bag Case
  • Value for Money
  • Easy to Assemble
Lew's Fishing American Heroes Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

best baitcaster combos of 2020

  • Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing
  • Magnetic Control System
  • Premium Look and Feel

This article will tell you about the 10 top best baitcaster combos of 2020 available in the market this year. This also includes a buying guide to give you an idea about how to choose the right baitcaster combo.

Best Baitcaster Combos 2020 to Carry in the Wild


recomended baitcaster combos 2020

PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod

Spinning Fishing Gear Organizer Pole Sets

It’s a compact fishing rod that you can carry easily to any place even in flights. It is quite strong and sturdy that makes even the beginners confident.


First, let us get you through a range of best baitcaster combos. There are plenty of varieties that are available at different prices. All you need to do is decide your budget and the most prominent features to start looking for a baitcaster combo. This article will give you a number of options that will surely fit your requirements. The best part is that most of them are available in the online market. This is very convenient and easy to select the best baitcaster combos 2020.

Product Description: This baitcast combo comes in a medium heavy range which is suitable for weight up to 20 lbs. For a beginner, this can be good from 12 lbs to 14 lbs. This combo comes with a rod and reel which is available in different sizes. This spinning reel is easily adaptable and anyone can learn just after using it a few times. The entire fishing pole is stiff which makes it suitable for vigorous fishing also. The most amazing feature is that it weighs light and yet serves the purpose correctly. Once the spinning reel is cast on a fish it can be handled easily. This makes the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo a great spinning reel for any circumstances. Also, you can go fishing on both seawater and fish water without any hindrance.

Best Baitcaster Combos
Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Baitcaster Combo

Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo Review: This is one of the best Baitcaster combos, and it has a stiff reel which keeps fishing simple. You will not be able to feel the fish fighting that is happening underneath as it is very stable. This is a great and worthy product for this price. It serves the purpose of fishing for both experienced people and beginners. The beginners just need to know how to baitcast reel beforehand and they are good to go.



Verdict: This Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo is a good option if you are just thinking of flying for the first time.

Product Description: When you are choosing a baitcaster combo, the material is important. This Magreel Telescopic fishing rod is a versatile product for the price you pay. This comes with a metal foldable hand which is much need if you want to switch hands. Some best baitcaster combos cannot be suitable for left-handed people. But this can be used by both right-handed people and left-handed people. The material is of superior quality which is made of stainless steel. The hooded reel is also made of the same material which can resist the corrosion caused by seawater. The next important component is the spool which is very lightweight in this model. This is a double color aluminum spool.

Best Baitcaster Combos 2020
Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Review

This gives a high performance while you go fishing. This is a complete package that includes fishing reel, telescopic rod, fishing line, tackle box of fishing lures, accessories and an EVA carried bag. There is also a line guide ring that is made of stainless steel and ceramic. This is used for giving a better heat dissipation. This helps you to catch fish easily and smoothly. This is a great baitcasting reel for both saltwater and freshwater.

Product Review: The reel movement is extremely smooth and reliable. The carrying case makes it simple for taking it anywhere. The telescopic fishing rod is highly functional and durable. This is made of 24T carbon fiber which adds to the overall strength.



Verdict: It is a wonderful gifting idea as it comes along with a number of accessories. There is a carrier bag also which keeps every component safe. The materials used are all made of good quality. This is suitable for both seawater fishing and freshwater fishing. This baitcaster combo is definitely a nice choice for experienced people.

PLUSINNO Baitcaster Combo Description: This is one of the best baitcaster combos available in the market. This is available in different lengths and you can choose one according to your requirements. This fishing rod has a telescopic rod that is made of graphite black construction. Then the fishing pole is inserted into an aluminum oxide guide. The reel seats are made of stainless steel which gives comfort and corrosion resistance. For the handle, there is EDA Fore Grip to protect. The entire frame is available in multiple lengths which are all made of carbon fiberglass. The ball spring is made up of a thick coil so that fishing is made convenient. Plusinno telescopic fishing rod also comes with an S-curve oscillation system to provide good line winding. The entire body is durable as it is made of high tensile plastic. This is a complete package that includes a fishing rod, fishing reels and lures, fishing line and a carrier bag.

Top Baitcaster Combos
PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Review

Product Review: This is a very compact fishing rod that can be carried to any place. This is a great product for traveling even on flights. It is strong and sturdy that makes beginners confident. So it is a great choice for every fish lover.



Verdict: This is a great gifting piece as it looks super elegant when packed. This is the best fishing rod for travelers and picnic lovers. It is easy to handle by both right-handed and left-handed people.

Product Description: Kastking Royale Legend can be referred to as the lowest profile baitcast reel or one of the best baitcaster combos of 2020. This piece comes equipped with dual brakes, along with ultra-reliable centrifugal and magnetic brake system which facilitates casting control. It has high speed brass gear ratio which is super silent and noise free. The ball bearing is as well at its maximum efficiency as it is corrosion resistant which comes along braided fishing line and monofilament compatible ceramic line. This line guide is deemed to provide you with the highest performance. The stainless steel handles are oversized which gives the user a perfect grip and control. The spool is a a result of CNC machined, cross-drilled anodized aluminum which is strong enough to provide a drag of 17.5 pounds.  

Best Baitcaster Combo
KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Product Review: This Kastking Royale Legend is a great option if you take into consideration the lightweight factor. This product is also expected to be durable as it is strong having some great components being smooth and comfortable to handle.



Verdict: If you are in search of the perfect reel for freshwater fishing, this might be your ideal product. It might also come handy for fishing in saltwater if the maintenance is of the highest. Use it to go fishing for trout, bass, or on the ice.

Lew’s Fishing Baitcaster Combo Description: Here is yet another high-quality product in this list of best baitcaster combos 2020, just as durable as the other Lew Reels. The attractive features of this product are in the range of side plates and a Composite frame. The features make the product a great buy as one of the best reels available in the market.

Lew's Fishing American Heroes Speed Spool Baitcast Reel
Lew's Fishing American Heroes Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

The design of the product comprises a mixture of the black plates and anodized aluminum, a great gear meant for fishing activity. The weight of the product is on the pros side, as it is extremely lightweight, having a rigid base, making it possible to operate the reel smoothly. Eight stainless steel bearings make up the gear which are all double-sided. The large dulon drag system of the reel is a mean of catching big fish. With the durability being extended to all the weather conditions, you sure would love to invest in this baitcaster.

Product Review: A great product in the market, which gives some serious competition to the other similar products, which is affordable and presented to the audience from a reputed manufacturer.



Verdict: Being an angler who is looking forward to a casting reel with a deep spool, this Lew’s reel is definitely a try on. The robust features and compatibility for the long-distance cast are just what you are in need of if you wish to chase something bigger.

Sougayilang Fishing Baitcasting Combos Description: The fishing rod of Sougayilang Fishing baitcaster is made up of extremely slim carbonized fiber, made as a result of high-temperature carbonization. The frame is a built-up of sturdy aluminum which is corrosion resistant. The other good parts of the product (one of the best baitcaster combos) constitute of stainless steel rails and ergonomic cork handles for a great fishing experience. The reel, on the other hand, is super lightweight, smooth and powerful. The body is designed to give a sleep look of ultra-thin streamline. The gear would be your perfect traveling companion as it is greatly portable and easy to assemble and disassemble. Fishing with this gear would be more than entertaining as it would definitely draw your attention giving you a fun experience.

Best Baitcaster Combos of 2020
Sougayilang Fishing Baitcast Combo

Review: The manufacturer’s assurance is the basic essence of the product. It is a guarantee in itself that the product will actually give you a smooth experience with every features working to the best of its capability. ​



Verdict: Equipped with the most popular fishing techniques, Sougayilang fishing baitcaster is the perfect gear which is the most compatible option for freshwater fishes such as bass, walleye, and trout.

mouhike Telescopic Fishing Pole Combo Set Description: This product is actually a kit which has these items included: 2 x Fishing Rod Pole, 2 x Spinning Reels, 40 x Fishing Baits, 10 x Fishing Jig Heads, 1 x Fishing Travel Bag. The fishing rod is durable because it is made up of high-density fiberglass material. Being telescopic, it can be easily carried making is a portable product. It is suitable both for parents as well as children to hold onto. The fishing reel is interchangeable from left to right hand. It’s one of the best baitcaster combos out there in he market.

mouhike Telescopic Fishing Pole Combo Set
mouhike Telescopic Fishing Pole Combo Set

Review: Being a complete gear for children included, you would love to invest in this product for yourself and even for your children. Keep the eagerness of fishing alive with this great and attractive fishing gear, which has everything you need.



Verdict: Complete fishing gear with a bag would result in the perfect gift for a family with kids. This would be a great companion for children accompanying their parents to fishing for the first time.

Best Baitcaster Combos 2020 Buying Guide (Things to Consider)

Now that we have seen the top products, let us know more about choosing the best one for you in this buying guide. Before you start buying any products either from online or from markets, you need to go through some of the features in order to be assured of the quality and durability of the baitcaster in order to know, how fair would it be to you.

Spools: A spool is probably the part of the reel which is responsible for the composure of the line. The location of the spool is under the cover and baitcasting reels. The spool is available in various sizes and capacity i.e. the amount of line they can hold. you are required to consider the holding capacity of the spool and make sure the same sets with the type of fishing you would like to carry on with.

Frames: Frames are generally available in aluminum or graphite. The graphite frames, though might be the cheaper option which is extremely lightweight but, aluminum is the most durable one in comparison. The aluminum frames can actually withstand a lot of pressure as compared to the graphite frames. If you wish to opt for a high-end reel, you might want to consider a reel manufactured by a one-piece aluminum frame.

Line Capacity: While considering a reel, the line capacity should be of greater concern. The requirement of the fishing line differs as per the type of fishing you wish to do, that if you choose a pond or a stream, the requirement is minimal. But, if the target is a lake, you might need a high line capacity. To be sure of your choice, you should refer to the guidelines chart which is often printed on the reel you are considering to buy.

Ball Bearings: The smooth operation of the spool is often dependent upon either a ball bearing or bushings built within the reel.  The myth has been on the way, which states the number of bearings in a reel determines a smooth process. The truth is that the quality and the type of ball bearing determine the smooth functioning of a reel. To be precise, you should consider two ball bearing reels which have tight tolerance and are of high-quality factory sealed stainless steel bearing.

The Handle: Pick up the fishing rod, and the handle is probably the first thing your eyes would be glued to. The most common feature to find in a handle is the way it is crafted and if easy holding and comfort are a thing. The handle is not to be overlooked in the best baitcaster combos, as there are chances it might actually break or fall apart, quicker than one would expect.

Who Should Use Best Baitcaster Combo in 2020

If you are more like an experienced angler, who wishes to fish in challenging environments with focus and precision, you should buy at least one of the best baitcaster combos from this list, that  would probably be of interest. The challenging environments might actually be places like pads and dock piling. The reason for the same is because a bait caster facilitates casting lures like jigs, spinner-baits, and crank-baits with pinpoint accuracy. 

The drag resistance of a bait caster demands off a higher skill set because the user needs to be able to thumb the spool as the line flows off. It is necessary to know the sweet point of the thumb pressure in order to be able to handle the line.

Experience is a thing also because a baitcaster lures further than a spinning reel because the line flows out directly and not in a circular motion as it does in a spinning reel. Patience and practice with the correct skill set is the need of an hour to be able to get in the comfort zone with the baitcaster. One needs to have to master the skills of accuracy and distance to easily control a baitcaster, over the spinning reel which gets along with every situation possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a baitcaster better?

Baitcaster can handle large diameter line efficiently for its gearing system. Because of that, the casting distance is higher compared to spinning reel. Plus, fluorocarbon, braid and monofilament; all three lines can be used with baitcaster for heavy catch.

Spinning Reel vs Baitcaster: Which One to choose?

It really depends on the fishing situation and the tactics you are using. If you are going for heavy catch, casting distance will be longer. Also, your fishing line have to withstand dragging for longer period. That implies you need to use a strong and heavy line. And baitcaster is the safest bet if you are using a heavy fishing line.

What line to use with a baitcaster combo?

Braided fishing line is the strongest among all. But all three lines, monofilament, braid and fluorocarbon can be used with baitcaster depending on the situation.

Can it be used in saltwater?

General, freshwater baitcasters can’t be used for saltwater fishing. The saltwater versions are heavier and larger compared to the fresh water baitcasters.

How long does it last?

Baitcaster is a gearing system. If you take good care of the ball bearings of the baitcaster, it may last for at least 2-3 years.

What is the best baitcaster combo for the money?

PLUSINNO, Ugly Stik, Lew’s Fishing American Heroes are one of the renowned names manufacturing baitcasters.

Take your fishing sphere to the next level, or just get started with it buy gearing yourself with one of the above-listed best baitcaster combos 2020. The list we came up with, along with the buying guide, will definitely serve you the purpose. The choice of the product rests upon you and you might consider one based on your budget or the features, rest assured, each and every product will serve you justice.

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